Teenager Ashwin happy to be part of Narthagi

Narthagi Ashwin

17-year old Ashwin has just had a major release in his career. The baby-faced boy, who is still pursuing his XII Standard, played a complex role in the film. Though the film wasn’t a rousing success at the box-office, Ashwin’s work didn’t go unnoticed by the print and television media as well as the movie goers, as appreciations are pouring in at his doorstep.

It was indeed a challenging assignment for Ashwin to essay the role of the ‘adolescent’ transgender in the film. Directed by Vijay Padma, ‘Narthagi’ is about the life of a real-life transgender Kalki Subramanian. Ashwin’s character was tough as he had to emote well to bring out the varied feelings of a teenager when he undergoes so many ‘physical and emotional changes’ in himself which makes him feel the urge to become a transgender.

Acting isn’t new to Ashwin, who has already played actor Sathyaraj’s grandson in the critically acclaimed film ‘Otha Roobai Nottu’ made by Thangar Bachchan. He had also done the film ‘Gurukulam’ and was spotted by Padma while she was going through a magazine. “The audition went very well and I was selected by Padma Madam to play the role which I eventually did,” says Ashwin.

“I had to work hard to prepare myself for the character. My family stood by me and was of great help. My mother procured two huge books on transgenders and asked me to go through them which I did. On the personal front too, I met many of the transgenders in real life, interacted with them to observe how they speak and how their body language looks like. All these things helped me in doing a good job in the film,” concludes Ashwin.


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