Teachers day Special – Kollywood remembers its mentors

Every person needs a guru in his/ her life — to tell them the right from wrong, show them the path and help them mold themselves.  The mentors paved the way forward in an alien industry, holding hands through difficult times and inspired us towards success. For Teacher’s Day (Sep 5), Kollywood celebrities recall their gurus, mentors and inspirations, who shaped their careers.

Tamannaah, Actress

I consider Balaji Sakthivel, Jayam Raja, Lingusamy and Shekar Kammula as my greatest teachers in my film career. They gave me great identities on the big screen and helped me make a mark for myself. They have so much to teach you; a source of vast knowledge. I learnt a lot when I was working with them.

Jeeva, Actor

I have always looked to my father (Producer RB Choudhary) as my mentor.  He’s been a pillar of support to me right from the time I started acting.  He’s always professional on the sets and treats me like any other actor. Whatever I am doing and I am today is because of him.  I’m glad I have a father who inspires and motivates me to make it big.

Vijay, Director

There are three people in my life to whom I owe my success – my principals S K Venkatachala Pandian and Isari Ganesan, and director Priyadarshan. While my principals taught me how to be a leader and take charge of position (which is a very important quality for a director), Priyan taught me a lot about cinema. He is one of the few directors who believes in making sure that all his associates make it big in life. He was with me right from my first film Kireedam to the latest Madrassapattinam. Everybody needs someone like him in life!

Sasikumar, Director 
I consider directors Bala and Ameer as my greatest teachers in Kollywood.  My association with them goes back to my assistant director days. I have worked with both of them and I must say they were strict teachers. I have learnt a lot from them and they are great persons and institution to learn from.  They have been a great support throughout and I know that I can always fall back upon them. I have immense respect for them as they are the ones who helped me shape up my career.

Sameera Reddy, Actress
Actor Anil Kapoor is my mentor as I have learnt a lot from him.  During my initial days in cinema, I used to be a bit shy when it came to throwing my voice. Anil had a chat with me then and told me that I have a powerful voice and that I needed to throw it to get better as an actress.


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