Tharun Padam Paarthu Kathai Sol

Tarun Chatriya debuts as hero in Padam Parthu Kadhai Sol

Tharun Padam Paarthu Kathai Sol

Young and upcoming actor Tarun Chatriya is all set to make his debut as hero with the film Padam Parthu Kadhai Sol (PPKS). The actor was rescued recently after falling into well during a shooting. Tarun made a strong impression a couple of years ago as Simbu’s villain in the successful film Kaalai. Hailing from Ambur in Vellore District, Tarun went to Bangalore at a young age like most of the Velloreans do to earn a livelihood.

Click here for Tarun Chatriya rescued from Well Pics

Incidentally, Tarun’s father has produced quite a few number of Kannada films. Director Tarun Gopi, who has now become a full-fledged actor, changed Tarun’s parental name of Kuleel Kumar and rechristened him as Tarun Chatriya before giving him an opportunity to debut as Simbu’s villain.

Tarun then starred in the moderately successful Kungumapoovum Konjupuravum again in a villain’s role and then followed it up with films like Aanmai Thavarel, Markandeyan and Sundar C’s Nagaram. He has now been offered the solo hero’s role in PPKS which he hopes would do wonders to his career. Popoular Kannada starlet Shikha debuts as heroine in Tamil opposite Tarun in PPKS.

The young Tarun, however, doesn’t want to get trapped in an ‘image’ barrier and is willing to do all kinds or roles. His present projects include Mayanginen Thayanginen, Pagal Kollai, Kandupidi Kandupidi and Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal besides PPKS.


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