Tamil version of Santosh Sivan’s Urumi will have some changes

Urumi Movie Still

He started off as a cinematographer and then graduated into a film-maker of substance. Santosh Sivan has so far won as many as 14 national awards and 3 ‘best director’ awards in International film festivals. With a wide range of films like ‘Terrorist’, ‘Asokha’ and ‘Makarmanch’ to his credit, Santosh has now forayed into the history of pre-Independent India in his latest offering ‘Urumi’.

‘Urumi’ traces the events which happened in Santosh’s native Kerala in the 15th century. Contrary to the widely held perception that he’s one of history’s great explorers, Vasco da Gamma’s stint in India when he stayed in the Indian State of Kerala had been one of violence, bloodshed, dacoity and deceit. Gama is also accused by many historians of scaring away the Muslims from Kerala.

‘Urumi’ is the story of a protagonist who takes up the responsibility of finishing off Vasco da Gamma. Urumi, incidentally, is the weapon used in Kerala’s most famous martial art from known as ‘Kalari. The weapon was used by the Keralites against the guns of Gama. Prithviraj plays the progatonist in the film and has for company actors like Prabhudeva, Aarya, Genelia, Tabu and Vidya Balan. The film is now being dubbed into Tamil to cater to Tamil audience.

Aarya, who appears only in a few sequences in the Malayalam version, would have a ‘modified’ role in the Tamil version. Sivan has ‘extended’ Aarya’s role and has re-shot some of the sequences to add them in the Tamil version. Soon, ‘Urumi’ would be at a theatre near you and don’t miss Sivan’s take off on the history of the past!


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