Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu Video

Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu Internet Exhibition Video
Functioning of a Hand held Chalan machine

Within ten minutes of the commencement of the seminar on “Engum Tamil-Ethilum Tamil,” even as the first speaker was giving his introductory address, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, interrupted him and said speakers should not vie with one another in praising him, but focus on the subject of the seminar.

The first speaker was Mohammed Liyakath Ali Khan from Udumalpet who went on praising the Chief Minister for the welfare of the minorities and for the efforts to protect and promote the language.

The Chief Minister took the hand mike and reminded him that the stage had almost all the leaders of various political parties and the subject of the seminar was ‘Engum Tamil-Ethilum Tamil.’

To Watch the video Telecasted on the June 24, 2010 click here

From the basics in the use of internet to e-governance in government establishments, a wide range of applications of information technology is on display at the Internet Exhibition that was opened on Thursday by Director of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Armoogam Parasuramen, as part of the World Classical Tamil Conference at CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex.

Various departments of the government and private firms have put up 124 stalls where vehicle tracking system, online tax payment, networking of government hospitals and net-enabled service centres and animation techniques are demonstrated. The exhibition will be on till June 27, the concluding day of the conference.

The tracking of garbage trucks using the Radio Frequency Identification system and the bio-metric attendance for workers are the other initiatives on display.

The announcement of bus stops to passengers comes from a pavilion put up by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation and the State Express Transport Corporation. Officials at the pavilion said this was part of an intelligent transport system that announced bus stops to passengers in a bus.

Two buses in Coimbatore city had been equipped with this.
The officials also demonstrated a vehicle tracking system now in use in Chennai. They tracked a bus travelling from Koyambedu terminal to Tiruchi. The speed of the vehicle, the distance from the last and the next stops and the distance to be covered till Tiruchi appeared on the screen. An official said any breaching of the speed limit would trigger an alarm at the control centre.



  1. Anonymous

    This is not a tamil maanadu , this karunadhi parattu vizha, every one praising karunanidhi instead of praising the language, thevi.. . pasa..a

  2. Anonymous

    what a waste of money.
    They could have made use of this money to feed so many hungry tamilians, provide education to tamil children. First make tamil nadu a place like Singapore & then they can praise the language.

    No use discussing about the language without eliminating poverty.

  3. Anonymous

    Yep, agree with first anonymous, too much politics not every one is happy with the way it is conducted.

    I liked the German lady speaking tamil.

  4. Anonymous

    dei, central govt spending money for military like bofors scam etc. if rajiv was not assasinated for other reasons by ltte, you think we would know about bofors scam. central govt is far worse so what karunanidhi doing for tamil and tamil is much appreciable.

    nee ennathan sonnalum ennoda manasu marathu. you will support brahmin jeya only so dont even read these articles which are about karuna and tamil okva.

  5. Anonymous

    DMK is an ally of central government. You are saying as if TN govt & central govt are 2 opposite poles. all same thief only.

  6. Anonymous

    i agree with al u guys………….please make tamilnadu like singapore…………..develop in motor industries, education….i heared tat karuna borrowed lot of money frm the world bank….may be going to bang

  7. Anonymous

    yes this is totally a waste program, pulling money from all big institutions (schools, colleges, hospitals, etc..) in coimbatore. Kovai Kidney centre was closed because of this. Is that important to conduct this program by closing a good hospital ??? If karunanidhi is a real tamil piriyar, let him spend money from his pocket and not from people's money.

  8. Anonymous

    This is all a publicity stunt by DMK to win in the next election and at the cost of tax payers money.

    All the people who praise MK as the Saviour of tamil must be like dog waiting for Bone

  9. Anonymous

    From the days of the dravidian origin none of the lay man has ever questioned the intention of his rulers. Because he was innocent and true to his self and his living. He followed what others said and he obeyed and made his family members obeyed with what he saw and what he trust. Unfortunately there was no Great philosophers as they were living in greece. What a Shame. it was not the right to question was the culture of the dravidians. As the saying goes in the Country of Blind One Eyed Man is the King. That is exactly what you see now. Illayaraaja who was revealed by Vaali that the former taught him how to write Veenba is not present: Surprise is that Rahman Has scored the Music. Obvious it is to see the marketing strategy and the stubborn to make DMK in the history is obvious: Sorry to state that will happen and hope my great grand children will deviate from this entity to CHERISH Socrates and Confucius to evade the shame to say that once they belong to Dravidians…… Shame to all of you who organized it and this is not your tamilnadu and in the Name of the lost souls who spoke tamil, it the time, will answer and the cheaters and their future generations will be the ash to the soil who soilt the holy land of the TRUE DRAVIDIANS.

  10. Anonymous

    above dravidian is a fake who say wherever they go that they belong to local people. if they go north they will say they are aryans. if they are in south they will say dravidian. if they go to korea they will say they are korean descent. if they go to germany they repeat and so on. they are like virus in this universe. they will always live with who makes food.

  11. Anonymous

    Celebrating Tamil is a good thing.. but is it really happening?? They just make politics out of our language.. !

  12. Anonymous

    @Anonymous(2nd frm d last): U stupid!! Wat u know abt Tamils.. they never give up their culture wherever they go! they are known for that and the whole world aware of this! know the fact and speak up!

  13. Anonymous

    whatever it be. its for the tamil people. when central govt only shows its ears to non tamils. tamils problem are not given due respect. example of those issues central govt avoids is: fisherman being shot and harassed by sri lankan navy near rameswaram, tamils state of living and being treated second class in sri lanka. central govt helping sri lanka govt by military training, arms deals who use it to kill tamils.

    karunanidhi and tamil people know that going against central govt and indian military is not an option. it will be against every tamil. brahmins and all non tamils by ancestry (like mallu and telugu, kannada) will escape if that happens. real tamilians will be killed by central govt in tamil nadu itself in that case so karunanidhi is doing these expenses at the expenses of central govt.

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