Tamil heroine Gayathri to debut with 18 Vayasu

18 Vayasu Movie Posters

In a land which is thronged by actresses from the film industries of Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi, it is indeed rare for a ‘original’ Tamil heroine to be making her debut in Kollywood. Yes, it happens with a film titled ’18 Vayasu’. Debutant Gayathri, who speaks flawless and fluent Tamil, would be debuting as heroine with this film to be directed by Panneer Selvam, who earlier directed the successful ‘Renigunda’.

That Gayathri is a Tamil girl and wouldn’t be requiring the assistance of ‘dubbing artiste’ is a welcome fact. As per the script of the film, the hero seeks love and affection and wanders around. The narration would have many interesting incidents which form part of his journey. “In all, it’s a story of person(s) who go out to seek love and affection of others,” says Panneer Selvam.

Explaining his choice as ‘18 Vayasu’ as the title of his films, he says that the story is shown to be happening when the hero turns 18. Gayathri’s role would be quite a significant one in the film, adds Selvam. “Right from the first day, Gayathri showed signs of maturity. She is somewhat apprehensive about the industry.

“Even before she completed the shooting of her debut film, she received offers to act in 4 more films but she has politely refused all those offers. I think she is very clear about what she wants to do. Her clarity of though would take her places in Kollywood. I’m also introducing the duo of Dinesh-Charles as music director(s) in the film,” says Selvam.

Hailing from Bangalore, Gayathri is pursuing her graduation and has reportedly taken up the offer to star in another film titled ‘Ponmaalaipozhudhu’.


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