Tamannah the new age Savitri

Tamannaah the new age Savitri
Tamannaah the new age Savitri

The latest offering from Vijaya Productions is the action masala flick Vengai which will see the very gorgeous Tamannah donning the role of a village belle in pavada davani (the half saree).

The actress is delighted with her makeover .The head of Vijaya Productions Venkataraman Reddy also praised the actress by giving her the title of ‘New age Savitri’.

“Tamannah so reminds us of Savitri. Her expressions speak louder than the dialogues, in fact she has this uncanny talent of pulling off scenes solely with her expressions without any dialogues” , added a very pleased Venkataraman.

The producer also expressed his interest to carry on his relationship with both Tamil and Telugu cinema and produce more movies in the future.

‘Actions speak louder than words’ seems to be Tamannaah’s mantra for the moment.



  1. san33

    is d person who praised this actress blind??? tamanah having been acting same way in her all movies..excep[t kalluri… other than that no diff… same expression no challenging role,..only thing she had is fresh smile or face on screen which others dint hv now…. dats it… cant compare  her to kareena peformance in jab we met and  nt even equal to simran or joe.. appuram hw come savithiri … 

  2. Vandhana

    Certainly wrong topic, she can never be compared with the ‘Nadigayar Thilagam’ Savitri. Savitri’s acting spoke everything at every instance, it had ever been only according to the situation, and had never been over acting. Tamanna has only ‘kalloori’ for her credit so far and nothing else. May be she will take time to reach a better position as an actor who acted in challenging roles, but she can never be compared with “SAVITRI”….

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