Tamannah seeks 1 Crore Compensation from Power Soap

Tamannah Pictures on the wrappers of Nature Power Soap
Tamannah Pictures on the wrappers of Nature Power Soap

Milky beauty Tamannah who was endorsing the Nature Power Soaps product has filed a case against the company  for using her photographs in their advertisements and promotion materials despite the expiry of her contract. She has also demanded Rs. 1 crore in damages for exploiting her popularity.

According to Tamannah, she was roped in to be the brand ambassador of the soap product in October 2008 and the contract signed only for an year and the contract was not renewed after one year. But the company is still using her photographs on their commercials, particularly on the soap wrappers manufactured after the contract expiry date. Despite her repeated warnings, the company has not taken corrective measures, which made her to file the suit against the company.

The Madras high court on Monday has ordered M/s Power Soaps Limited, not to use Tamannah Bhatia’s name or her photographs in their advertisements. Justice V Ramasubramanian granted interim stay till June 8, after Tamannah filed the petition against the company for unlawfully using her name and photograph for its product promotions.

It is also said that Tamanna has approached the Court claiming a compensation of Rs 1 crore for the violation.

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