Tamanna plays heroine in Lawrences next

Tamanna in Lawrences next

Actor-director Raghava Lawrence has become a busy-bee thanks to the colossal success of his latest film ‘Kanchana’. The film, sequel to Lawrence’s earlier film ‘Muni’, has been well received by both the Tamil and Telugu audiences who have been watching the film repeatedly in theatres. Apparently wanting to cash in on audience’s love, Lawrence has already hinted that a sequel to ‘Kanchana’ would also be made.

There has been a clamour among producers in Tollywood and Bollywood to secure the remake rights of the blockbuster ‘Kanchana’ in Telugu and Hindi respectively. Unconfirmed reports say that Lawrence has sold off the Hindi remake rights for Rs.2 cores and that he had been signed up as the director for Rs.4 crores to direct the Hindi version of ‘Kanchana’!

Not the one to rest on his laurels, Lawrence has already work on his next directorial venture in Telugu namely ‘Rebel’ and starring Prabhas in the lead. It was said that Lawrence might seek Anushka as the heroin in the film opposite Prabhas. Anushka was to play Lakshmi Rai’s role in ‘Kanchana’ but reportedly developed some ‘misunderstanding’ with him and said ‘no’ to the film which has now become a huge hit.

Lawrence didn’t miss out at ‘hitting’ back at Anushka when he compared the film’s success to the latter’s ‘Arundhati’ in the publicity posters of ‘Kanchana’. It is further reported that he might settle with Tamannaah as the heroine of ‘Rebel’ opposite Prabhas. Tamannaah, despite the fact that she doesn’t have a single project on floor in Tamil, has been having a great time in Telugu films.

Her latest couple of films in ‘Aawaraa’ (dubbed version of ‘Paiyaah’) and ‘Badrinath’ opposite Allu Arjun have become super-hits, ensuring a smooth stint for her in Telugu films for the next few years!



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