Tale of Revenge:Starring Ajith Direction: Ramanarayanan Script:???

Last saturday, all  groups in tamil film industry met together in the Film chamber arena. The meeting aimed at putting a full stop to the present burning issue about Ajith’s controversial speech. Rather, it turned out to be revenge battle field.
The base for the problem was, Ajith expressing his views in front of CM Karunanidhi.
Ajith’s open and bold talk was very much applauded by the public as well as by Superstar Rajinikanth. But the talk turned out to insult Karunanidhi in public.Karunanidhi has exaggerated the issue to the horizon with his powers. To prove this as true, the following day Karunanidhi made a statement,
The statement flows as:
“Indhiranae, chandranae endrellam puhalnthu , ungalai thooki nirutthuvaargal, Adhe vegatthil ungali thookki keelae podubavargalakhavum iruppargal. Illayael evvalavu uyarntha idatthil irundhalum, Etchamidum paravaigalai thuratthavum mudiyamal, thookki vaitthu kollavum mudiyamal thavikkum kopura kalasatthin nilai dhan aerppadum”
What Karunanidhi typically means by this statement is that, he is like a kalasam(a honourable person) and the actors are the birds who nasty on the Kalasam (without respect to him). No one could have expected these words from such a matured and senior person.
It doesn’t look good when Karunanidhi takes the young brave man as his enemy. All incidents which followed, Jaguor’s threatening, Guganathan’s stunt, Actors Sangam’s disability, Panni Selvam’s Black Mails ,etc just because to show CM’s anger.
One man standing firmly on Ajith’s side on this issue is our Superstar Rajinikanth. On his advice Ajith met karuninidhi and gave a self explanation on his talk, but it seemed useless.
Junior vikatan on their magazine have mentioned about the meeting as follows:
“Ajith’s car was stopped in the corner of Gopalapuram street itself and he had to go through tight security check up. Ajith was shocked on seeing CM’s expression. He touched the feet of CM and presented a shawl. Ajith sat in the edge of the seat and started his self explanation. “Ayya, I expressed some of my thoughts and feelings on that day.” Interrupting his speech, CM said: Why did you tell that on that day? To whom did you have anger? For your personal anger, you questioned me in front of the public? What do you have to explain now?” All words came from CM in the very harsh manner.
CM was not at his best of moods while Ajith’s meeting,because just before the meeting Rajini had given an interview to the media praising Ajith for his actions.

After the meetings were over, Karunanidhi started feeling that those two actors were given much more importance than him. So immediately he started writing the script of taking revenge on Ajith and gave the direction work to Ramanarayan. He called upon all important persons in the industry for a meeting. Though personally Ramanarayan is good, he has to obey the orders from the Boss Karunanidhi.

In this new drama (script by Karunanidhi), Ramanarayanan has done his director job perfectly while Guhanathan made the immoral decision, and signed by selfish Radharavi. The climax was done as per CM orders.

Soon another script should be ready on the title “Dhana thalaivanukku parattu” for CM’s next felicitation function. And Rajini’s presence would be essential. Our kind request to Rajini is that next time when they call him for a function,he should show his sixth face.

Suryah Kumar
Kolly Theater Chronicle, Editor



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