Tale of Arun Vijay and his crazy fans

Arun Vijay
Arun Vijay

Arun Vijay’s Thadaiyara Thaakka is in progressing with good speed the shoots of which are happening in Chennai at some of the most crowded places. Feather Touch Entertainment that handles the production duties erected a huge set for a market scene.

Contrary to the efforts Director Magizh, wanted to capture a few shots in a real market place and at the same time keep away from the public’s glare at the camera.

As suggested the Triplicane market was chose as the most suitable location. Cameraman Sukumar (remember the camera work in Mynaa?)  Who is also skilled at realistic cinematography was at the spot within the stipulated time to place the camera in position for the director’s instructions that would be followed.

Gauging the practically tough scenes, the hero and the co-stars too rehearsed the scene before time although all they had to do was walk through long and narrow passages provided they remain unnoticed by the public.

Arun Vijay gradually set in with his cap on and started communicating with the director through phone to avoid attention. The shot was all set to be canned .Bang On! A guy recognizes the actor and yells on top of his voice he is soon followed by a huge crowd excited to see their hero. Within minutes the situation is out of control as the crowd refuses to make way for the shoots. Fearing a greater mob of people the actor is rushed out.

3 hours pass by eventually the crew decide to hit back but this time with an even stronger police protection for the shoot. Surprisingly the crowd co-operated and the shot was taken. The director was glad and so were the rest of the crew.

Thanks to the crowd who maintained their control for a peaceful shot to be carried out.


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