T Rajendar says his Oru Thalai Kadhal to be a romantic entertainer

Oru Thalai Kaadhal Movie
Oru Thalai Kaadhal Movie

There is no stopping Vijaya T. Rajendar a.k.a. TR. TR set the trend for romantic films in the early eighties with his ‘Oru Thalai Raagam’ which had amazing, unforgettable melodies sung by almost all the leading playback singers and set to score by TR himself.  The film depicted the tragic life of a man who had a one-sided affair with a girl.


Since then, TR has almost become a ‘specialist’ in making films based on the so-called ‘one-side’ love.  Invariably, he would play the lead role in all his films besides penning the story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics and directing the film.  He has even got behind the camera and done cinematography for a few films in his long career.

Though his son Simbu has become a leading hero nowadays, the passion for film-making refuses to die in TR’s heart as he has announced his next venture to be ‘Oru Thalai Kaadhal’. “The film would be a romantic entertainer, mainly targetted at the youths,” he says and adds that in his opinion, “only youngsters are flocking to cinema halls these days.”

“I can not make another En Thangai Kalyani or Thangaikor Geetham in these changed times.  I’m aware of the sea-change of the mentality of today’s youths who seem to prefer films laced with humour and romance.  As such, I have bid goodbye to sentimental films and would make Oru Thalai Kaadhal to suit the tastes of all kinds of audience.”

“I have always felt that there is no substitute for sincerity and hard work which would pay rich rewards in the end,” says TR.


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