Swathi wants to shed the image of Subramanyapuram Thulasi

Subramaniapuram Swathi

Her wide, expressive pair of eyes which acted as a hook to catch the bait (Jai’s heart) in the runaway hit ‘Subramaniapuram’ is still fresh in audience’s memory. Swathi, who debuted in the film opposite Jai, hasn’t been spotted in any Tamil film despite the film’s success. She now makes a comeback in Tamil as Sasikumar’s heroine in Samuthirakkani’s Poraali’.

Swathi says that as per the initial script, she was to play a slum dweller but after the script underwent a change, her role was changed to that of a bubbly city girl (which is very much what she is in real life) who has a mind of her own. She says she tried hard to get the Madurai accent right in ‘Subramaniapuram’ but adds that she faces no such challenge in ‘Poraali’ and is thankful that she’s on friendly terms with both Sasikumar and Samuthirakkani.

Speaking in fluent Tamil, Swathi says that ironically, the super success of Subramaniapuram was in a way responsible for her not getting good offers in Tamil so far. “I was offered the same role again and again and had to say ‘no’ to many of them. People liked Tulasi (name of her character in Subramaniapuram) so much but I wasn’t ready to re-play the role again in my second film in Tamil and had to wait till Poraali happened”.

A popular actress in Telugu even before ‘Subramaniapuram’, Swathi says that it was only recently that she started considering herself as a ‘serious’ actress who can take on all kinds of roles. We sure look forward to her smile in ‘Poraali’!


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