Swathi expresses her desire to do variety of roles in films

Subramaniapuram Swathi wants to do variety roles

Remember Swathi of Subramaniapuram fame? Who can forget the captivating and all-encompassing look that she gave her hero Jai in the film which made him stumble, fall and hit the walls many times (in the film, of course!)? After winning the hearts of fans and in particular male audienes, Swathi slipped back into Tollywood where she is an established actress.

She, however, made a brief comeback by playing the cameo of Jai’s wife in last year’s Kanimozhi. The film, produced by actress Sona and directed by Sripathy, sank without a trace at the box-office. She now makes a grand comeback in Tamil film by playing the lead role in not just one film but in two films starring leading heroes.

One of them would be a film titled Poraali which brings back the combination of film-makers and friends Samuthirakkani and Sasikumar. The duo, which has made successful films such as Subramaniapuram, Nadodigal and Easun, is working together again for Poraali touted as Sasikumar’s ‘dream’ project. Swathi plays Sasikumar’s heroine in the film.

She also plays the heroine in the film Amali Dhumali which stars young guns Shantanu and Nakul in the lead. This is also the first time that the two young heroes star together in a film. Director Athiyamaan, who directs the film, has been keeping it a secret as to who among Nakul and Shantanu finally gets Swathi in the film, which was shot reently in the picturesque Fiji Islands.

Talking about her comeback in Tamil films, Swathi says: “After Subramaniapuram, I again play the role of a city-based girl in Poraali. This time, though, I play a typical care-free Chennai girl’s role. Though my fans loved me a lot in Subramaniapuram, I can’t continue to do similar kind of roles and would love to take on challenging and variety of roles. I also have a substantial role in Amali Dhumali.”


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