Abhaayam Still

Swathi doesn’t bother about criticism

Abhaayam Still

She conquered and captivated the hearts of millions of youths with her probing, romantic stare at Jai in the runaway hit Subramaniapuram. Though the film became a super-hit in 2008, for some strange reasons, Swathi didn’t get many offers in Tamil and it was Jai who benefited a lot as he bagged many films offers after Subramaniapuram. Swathi, however, remained busy with her Telugu film assignments.

Sasikumar, who produced and directed Subramaniapuram, brought Swathi again to Tamil films by casting her as his heroine in the film Poraali. The actress, who always wears a smile on her lips, says that she isn’t in the habit of planning things ahead. “I never thought that I’d become an actress and here I am. Whatever happens in my life, happens as per God’s will and I don’t plan anything in advance.

“I do have the tendency of taking things in their stride. Often, I’m asked as to why I haven’t been doing many Tamil films. Post-Subramaniapuram, I got many offers but none of them appealed to me. The film gave me a good opening in Tamil and I wanted to sustain the good name earned through the film. I’m happy that I could reveal another facet of mine through my character in Poraali.

“My next Telugu film would be Danger by Krishna Vamsi where I play a significant role. The film’s shoot took place mostly in thick jungles. I can never forget the hardships I underwent while playing this particular role where I had to run bare-feet on mud and stones. The film releases in Tamil as Abhaayam. Merely earning money is not what drives me in the industry.

“It’s the peace of mind which is the most important thing in the world. I’d love to remain a normal girl who can go out any time, anywhere without any restrictions. I’m aware of the many criticisms about me which appear in the press. One needs a stature to criticize others; if the criticism comes from a respected person, I’d act upon it; otherwise, I won’t pay much attention to it,”Swahi concludes.


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