Swamy Nithyanandham Sex Scandal Video with Actress Ranjitha released in Sun News,

Swamy Nithyanandham Sex ScandalSwamy Nithyanandham Sex Scandal

Nithyanndha Scandal Video

Can’t belive what we just saw! Recently in SUN NEWS a video had been released featuring Swami Nithyanandha in which Nithyananda was having a secret sexual affair with a south Indian actress.

Nithyanandha - RanjithaAfter several views it was confirmed. Swami Nithyananda, a so called spiritual preacher to the outside world was todaycaught in the video clip which showcased that Swami Nithyananda had a sexual affair with an unknown tamil actress whose face was masked in the video(A popular channel revealed it was Ranjitha). This was a shocking video for the entire people who believed him as a real spiritual person for all these years and revealed his hidden stuffs. The video clip triggered many questions about him, his background and real life style. Its really hard to believe any Guru these days. The video clearly explains that Nithyananda is a fraud like most other spiritual culprits, also the video shows Nithyanandha taking drugs and sleeping with the actress. Already there were several news regarding Nithyananda charging too much for spiritual retreat and camps. Now the recent video had caused a terrible heart break to most of his followers. Its high time people stop believing in such fraud people anymore.


  1. Prem

    No the videos say it is R starting actress

    why not

    R. Bala Saraswathi
    Raaki Raaji
    Rachana Maurya
    Radha (old tamil actress)
    Radha (Tamil New Actress)
    Radha Saluja
    Radhika (tamil actress)
    Radhika Chaudhry
    Radhika Malhotra
    Radhika menon
    Radhika Sarathkumar
    Raghini (old Tamil Actress)
    Ragini Dwivedi
    Raja Shree
    Raja Sulokshana
    Rajani sharma
    Rajasri (old Tamil Actress)
    Rajasulochana (old Tamil Actress)
    Rajini Nivedhita
    Rama (Supporting Actress)
    Ramya (new tamil Actress)
    Ramya (Tamil Actress)
    Ramya Krishnan
    Rani Mukherjee
    Rathi (old tamil actress)
    Rati Agnihotri
    Reema (tamil actor)
    Reema Sen
    Reena (old tamil actress)
    Reethima Vishwa
    Revathi Menon
    Richa Pallod
    Rishi Hinduja
    Riya Sen
    Rohini (malayalam Actress)
    Roja Selvamani
    Roopa (Old Tamil Actress)
    Roopa (Tamil actress)
    Roshini (old actress)
    Rukmini (Old Tamil Actress)
    Rukmini Vijayakumar
    Rupa Manjeri

    ha ha.

  2. Anonymous

    Sun TV did the right thing, It exposed he was a normal person and not the messenger of God which he claims to be, similarly corrupt politicians are also to be exposed

  3. Anonymous

    சாமியார் டவுசர் கிழிஞ்சு போச்சு! டும் டும் டும்!

  4. Anonymous

    why is Sun tv releasing it. what is the benefit they get
    was some understanding failed similar to what happened between Jayalalitha and Jayendra Saraswathi

  5. Anonymous

    Bravo SUNTV, you the guts to publish this video but I am sad that you are scared of the actress. Why you could not spell her name out. Why her face was masked?

  6. Anonymous


  7. krishnan

    According to Bagavath Geeta , one who is in a leadership position should set an example to others and demonstrate the moral values by himself.If such a person commits any immoral thing, it will not only spoil his image , it will also damage the very such morality and develops nofaith on any such values.

  8. amul

    The Hero of Naan Avan Illai-Part X
    is Swaami Nithiyaa Nantha saraswathi.
    Papera thiranthavudan
    Nattram varuthu swami.

  9. Anonymous

    Is he a drug addict, what was the lady feeding him with..

    Sun Tv could have censored some pictures atleast

  10. Anonymous

    samiyar soothula sunambu suda suda suduthani uothi kaluvanum motcham kitum mudunja malepointa cut paniranum


    samiyargal soothai kilipor sangam…..(24 Hrs service)

  11. Anonymous

    padupave paya,parkka nallavan.mare erunthan,aanal eppade pannuvannu
    nenaikkavellai.avan pointta cut pannathan sarepaduvaan.

  12. Anonymous

    Fuck you… Only becoz you people these kinda fellows are living and spoiling our countries name and fuck you are telling that he is such a good person.. You mother fuckers should die instead of supporting these kinda of bloody mother fuckers..

  13. Anonymous

    this is a bad time for All poli samiyaars following nithyananda, Yesterday the so called kalki bhagavan also was caught for cheating.

  14. Anonymous

    Whatever he did is wrong. right!! just a quick thought for us.. raping somebody is a crime.. not having sex with mutual interest..in the video the lady is well co-operating( samy than apidiye kidakaar).

    ennaiya saamiku sex aasa varatha..vanthallum kai than adikanuma…athu confirm news aanu konjam wait panni paarthitu appuram avana thituvome…could be a real video or a morphed one..Don't jump into conclusions

  15. Anonymous

    This isn't a morphed video pal, wake up. This self promoting moron deserve this and more even if the whole thing was a setup, he fell for it. But, it looks like from the video that this affair has been going on for a long time with this woman. Wonder if this is the only one he is having or he is doing this with multiple. Regardless, he deserves a downfall. Too bad YouTube removed these vids. I hope someone should post unedited full length movie of this. I saw one this morning that was sort of unedited that she was giving him a blow job. His name should spread far and wide for this. Like somebody said,
    Saamiiyar Soothula sunnambu!

  16. Anonymous

    Intha mathiri samiyare roadil ulla polil katti vachi seruppal adikenum…This is the good judgement to him…otherthan FIR and court case is waste…

    This is Hindu god's explanation .

  17. Anonymous

    If people really believe in GOD then they wont trust these type of basturds b'cause in the eyes of GOD everyone are equal. So GOD will never show partiality by telling things only to a single person. SO PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE FUCKERS LIKE SO CALLED MESSENGERS…………….

  18. Brandy

    He`s a normal man.. he got feelings too.
    that`s his personal life, like how we got our own personal lifes. Swamiyar endal enna you cant have any fun?. It's funny because alot of peoples don't even know him, and after this they started to know him and talking shit.. I never knew him either.. only after this news. Well is being a samiyar and having Se_ wrong?. I really don't know how it works… but if its wrong then screw him.

  19. karthik

    he is just an ordinary human being like everyone, he too have normal sexual desire.. the fault lies among those people who believe and consider this type of persons as god.. if someone teaches yoga or meditation like that its better to learn that alone and achieve ones own peace of mind.. everybody is going behind some samiyaar because of excessive stress and desire .. we have to find some other way to get ride of stress rather than going behind peoples like nithyanandha..

  20. Anonymous

    He is a normal human. Why not he will do all these things. He advised anything to anyone to do not do any sex??????

  21. Anonymous

    Its upto to him to do whatever.The problem is claiming to be a samiyar , getting people's attention and doing this. People need a lesson to beleive in themselves, thier family anf friends and not to go behind these people.
    But the idea of broadcasting it in SUN TV which is running in every single house where children are around is the problem.
    Why can't they just say it instead of showing it. Commercial to get people. They will anything to get viewers. How are they different itseems.

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