Swami Sevananda: Nithyananda-Ranjitha Sex video-a team work of Ranjitha and Lenin

The plan for the creation of  sex video was a combined work of Ranjitha and Lenin., though we had covered this news on the March 6th even before lenin Karupan confessed to the Chennai police commisioner Rajendran that he shot the videos , More fresh information  relating to Ranjitha-Nithyananda sex video have come out  after Nithyananda’s Secretary Sevananda was enquired by the police in Bangalore, sources come out that his information’s had a lot of truth in it.

The whole problem has arisen as Nithyananda took our warning so lightly“says one his disciple Sevananda.The ashram workers after hard thought revealed that “Nithyananda was not leading a Swami life after money started flowing, he was very much interested in girls“. The same has been reported by the secret agency.

The main source to introduce  Ranjitha to Swami was actress RaghaSudha(Daughter of  Actress K R Vijayas Sister). And also a Leading cinema producer has a large amount of contribution in Ranjitha’s intro is what Sevananda says.

Who is this Producer, we had given a clue on our earlier article(the producer who linked Ranjitha and Nithyananda) with the clue (‘Mother” Peyaril  thayaritha Padathil Mattum Dhaan Mariyathai irundhadhu)
  The ans:  Vijayakanth starring movie  Mariyadhai was produced under the banner Amma Creations . The Producer is T.Siva, His notable films are Chennai 600028, Vazhthugal

In the initial phases, Ranjitha was visiting the ashram rarely, but later she started making trips to the Bangalore ashram frequently. She stayed in the very next room to Nithyananda. She started serving the swami as a day to day activity and Swami’s Bhramacharayam was eaten  gradually up by the Hot actress 

As days went on at one instance Ranjitha and Lenin Karupan (Swami  Dharmananda) became so close to Swami that he gave them the work to look after some important works in the ashram. Importantly,the meetings with outside delegates and the work to telecast the happenings in the ashram to the outside world was given to Ranjitha.

Ranjitha appointed  Lenin Karupan  for those work. This was when there relation started building up and  Lenin used to call Ranjitha  as ‘anni’. Ranjitha and Nithyananda were getting very close like never that all the ashram workers were sure that Swami was going to marry Ranjitha.

Nithyananda Ready for marriage!

Nithyananda thought he could keep Ranjitha  as his close Secretary without getting married.But Ranjitha was not ready for that, she forced Nithyananda to get married either publicly or in secrecy. The same period one another Swami in Karnataka gave up his Swami life and started common man’s life. Ranjitha forced Nithyananda to do the same says Karnataka police.

This issue was discussed by Nithyananda with his close ashram disciples while he  was getting ready to make an announcement on his marriage. But they advised him   if the marriage was to take place, Nithayananda would have to  loose his Sanyisam and as well  as the  100 of crores of Rupees Forcing Nithyanada not to marry Ranjitha but to have her close to him always.

Another ashram worker has confessed while the karntaka police enquired him  “Swami has also shared his bed with some other women, this was seen by Ranjitha in person. This incident made Ranjitha so angry that she decided to destroy the whole of Swami’s under ground world. What Nithyananda was doing was also wrong and he was not good even before Ranjitha came too is the truth. Always there used to be at least 10 girls around him. He would appoint only beautiful girls as his disciples. Right from his bath in the morning till going to bed in the night all his needs were done by girls only. Even for wearing his inner garments Swami needed the help of the girls. After understanding this only Ranjitha partnered with Lenin to take the video


Sevananda gave a similar statement to the police. Sevananda was so frustrated on Nithyananda when he was under investigation.

VIP’s running!

VVIP and VIP who were staying in the guest house in the Bangalore ashram are vacating at a fast rate. These personalities have given crores of Rupees to the Swami’s fund. As a payback of that, they were given the permission to stay in the ashram life long and get Swami’s blessings.

Now as Swami has turned out to be a criminal and he is undercover, there is frequent police raid. Afraid of these, the personalities have started to vacate.

The Bangalore ashram workers and some of the disciples have started to run away from the ashram. Some of the workers and disciples were sent out by the police. Karnataka police asserts that Swami would be arrested any time.

The Swami has asked  every one, not to come to any judgment until he produces some proof in his yesterday’s speech.Watch it online in Tamil Click Here, In English Click Here



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