Swami Nithyananda resigns from Dhyanapeetam Speech video online

After the suffering an irreversible embarrassment and insult to his image with the recent sex scandal, Swami Nithyananda has decided to resign from all his posts

The spiritual leader on Monday, Mar 29 announced that he is stepping down from all the posts he holds. He has resigned as the head of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam and from all trusts in order to lead a life of spirtual seculsion.

This is what Nithyananda says in the video

In view of the developments in the last three weeks following the media reports on me as the head of Dhyanapeetam, I had met some of the leading Acharyas of Hindu Dharma at Hardwar.

Briefing them about what is fact and what is fiction, and candidly discussing what had happened, I had sought their spiritual and moral support, guidance for me, and their views on the future course of Dhyanapeetam. I had also undertaken that I would act entirely in accordance with their counsel.

I have decided to live a life of Spiritual seclusion, for some indefinite time, to which the acharyas have agreed in principle.

In view of this, and to enable the Dhyanapeetam to function with such amended agenda as may be necessary, I am resigning as the head of the Dhyanapeetam and from all the trusts associated with it. A board of trustees consisting from sadhakas of the Dhyanapeetam who are non-controversial, will henceforth manage the Dhyanapeetam. I have also requested the Acharyas to help the newly constituted trust reorient the activities of the Dhyanapeetam increasingly to undertake spiritually oriented service activities and to guide the trustees. I have also directed the new trustees of Dhyanapeetam to seek the counsel and go by the advice of the Acharyas.

I sincerely thank all those who I had the good fortune of being associated with and guiding in the last decade and more. I request all of them to pursue the Sadhana they had been initiated into, for, the Sadhana is more important than the Initiator. The recent media reports do not in any way affect the validity or the success of one’s Sadhana. Whenever, if required I will return and talk about all that had happened as an independent witness to my conduct with a clean heart and pure soul, and also in a less prejudiced atmosphere.

I thank you all. Be blissful!



  1. Anonymous

    what is this nithyananda, you promised to appear before the press two weeks back, but you went hiding, now very clever to release a video and escaping.

    You can now live blissfully with all your dasi's

  2. Anonymous

    if he is not committed mistake, why is he hiding himself? And I don't know why police is not yet arrested him.

    Sometime back he mentioned that he has committed any illegal activities, then why does he resigning from responsibilities? Contradictory.

    Put him in jail, then only all the other swamis like him will have fear.

  3. Anonymous

    look at his attitude in the video… outrageous.. he is speaking as if we are stupids and he is so clever to have fooled us… he seems so happy because he thinks the controversy has ended and lost importance over time… if it is true that god is omnipresent and watching all this nonsense, then this idiot will suffer the pain of hell… you damn fucker… i would like to see you die in the hands of the very people that you think you are making fun of… why don't you do your "experiments" with your mother… ??!! you will die the ugliest death of all you son of a bitch….

  4. Anonymous

    It is very shameful on us and our govt to happily sit and watch this asshole smiling talk. how beautiful, for a guy to live an eternal life with two faces, one to betray the fools going behind him and on the other side a face totally hiding and enjoying the women deciple. Good for him to be born in India and that gives him the courage to casually release a video (whenever he likes) and escape such a ugliest thing can ever happen to mankind. I wish he is born in Arabic countries and run for life.. I believe, crime will drastically go down only when the punishments are worse. else trust me India is going to see a lot more like this…. God save India..

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