Swami Nithyanada and his close Cine actress list Extends

Swami NithyanadaRecent release of the video containing the sexual play of Ranjitha and Swami Nithyananda has been a burning issue. The frustrated followers have started attacking the Swami’s ashram in various cities. The effigies of Swami are also being burnt in public. To add more fire to the issue sudden disappearance of Swami Nithyananda is undercover.

There has been frequent visit of actresses to the ashram .Sister of a well known old actress, whose daughter is also a actress have met Nithyananda as the daughter actress was feeling ill. This personality has become close to Swami by that incident and later has been the link between various actresses and Swami. The actresses who have been linked to the ashram includes actress presently not in the field, currently acting, and those married. All these personalities have been close to Nithyananda. Started as a heroine and then in serials,later disappeared from the industry yuva actress, chinnapoovai mellapaesum actress are all close to Swami. As the issue is out fear fire around  the stomach .

Actress who came to light:

There are a dozen of actresses who have close relation with Swami Nithyananda. One among them is actress RagaSudha,  this actress has acted as Ramarajan’s pair in ‘Thangathin Thangam’, Napolean’s ‘Tamilachi’, ‘Thambi’,’ Ammuvakiya naan’. This personality is actress K.R.Vijaya’s sister’s daughter. She was going for yoga classes to Swami. She touched the foot of Nithyananda as soon as she saw him during the yoga class in Chennai. From then, she has been a follower of Swami. RagaSudha is teaching yoga in the name of Nirmalananda in the Mysore ashram. It is said that she was the one who, introduced many actresses to Swami. News come out that, under the list there are few leading actresses and TV actresses too.

The following information was revealed by Babu,a resident from the same area where Swami’s ashram  is located in Chennai.”Nithyananda ashram was set up around 2003. The people were forced to sell the land for cheap rate. In some places, there is land encroachment also.”

Surprise raid was there in the Nithyananda’s D.C.F ashram yesterday afternoon by the forest department. 60 to 80kg of Sandal wood was found and further investigation is going on the matter that Swami was possessing tiger’s skin.

The ashram which is situated in a area of 80acres has 8 to 10 buildings in it. Few buildings are fully reserved for the foreign people. And few special yoga huts are build around. 3 huts were set on fire yesterday. Police is under invetigation whether the huts were set afire by the followers or done purposely to dispose the secret documents.

Nithyananda undercover

The fustrated followers have damaged Swami’s ashram in various cities. The effigies of Swami have been burnt. The undercover of Nithyananda has added more the heat to issue. The 31 year old Swami has established himself worldwide, having his headquarters in Bangalore. In TamilNadu, he has ashram’s at Thiruvannamallai and Chennai. He travels world over and deliver’s speeches. The release of the sex video containing Ranjitha and Swami has turned the coin for Swami.

The Thiruvannamalai ashram was occupied by the public and the Hindu party activists yesterday. They raised slogans to close down the ashram. Hindu party leader Siva Babu was arrested. Around 45 workers who stayed in the ashram left the ashram after tearing all the banners of Swami. The ashram is given police protection. Swami was very keen to start a ashram in his home town Tiruvannamallai, and even  tried to occupy the Pavalakantru mallai. As people were against it,  he had to  set an ashram in Girivalapathy in an area of 3 acres. Swami had celebrated his last birthday in this place only.This ashram also has a luxurious bungalow for Swami.

Hindu party district leader T.S.Sankar tells “We were against the set up of the ashram. Nithyananda who was interested in luxurious life has shown his real face now. He must be immediately arrested. We wont allow him inside the district hereafter“. Swami ashram in Puducherry was damaged by the public. There is protest against Swami in the Puducherry bus stand by the Hindu party. Slogan’s were raised to arrest Swami.

In the Kadallur ashram the banners were set afire.The ashram boards were damaged by the public. In Nellai ashram, the digital banner and the posters were set afire. He has given talks on the importance of Yoga previously in Sirkalli.

In Chennai in more than 15 places Swami’s follower’s were running yoga classes and bachan’s. Just in one night all the places were evacuated.

Nithyananda underCover : Commissioner

The sex video involving Swami and Ranjitha was released and there in country wide protest against him. The police are in search of him. All the measures are taken to ensure that Swami doesn’t escape to foreign countries.There are two cases filed under him.



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