Suseendran postpones Audio Launch for Ilayaraja


For decades now, ‘Isaignani’ Ilayaraja has been consciously avoiding taking part in the audio-launches of the movies for which he scores music. This has been his habit for the past many years. The Maestro, who has achieved whatever is there to be achieved in the field of music and won more than awards than any composer, seldom gets up on stage.

His last appearance on stage was during last year’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Directors’ Association when he had a memorable tête-à-tête with friend and veteran director Bharathiraaja for the benefit of millions of their respective fans.

The Maestro has scroed the music of ‘Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai’, produced by Gautham Menon and directed by Suseendran, the audio launch of which was planned recently. Suseendhiran was very particular that the Maestro should make himself available to attend the press-meet in connection with the audio-launch and the subsequent release of the film.

Ilaiyaraaja, though he gave his consent first, reportedly called Suseendran a day prior to the press-meet and told him that he ‘might not be able to attend the press-meet’ as he had to go out of station. The ever-obliging Suseendran, said to be a great fan of Ilaiyaraaja, replied that he would arrange the press-meet as and when Ilaiyaraaja returned from his tour.


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