Suryas secret dance with a 1000 dancers in Ranganathan Street

Suryas secret dance with a 1000 dancers in Ranganathan Street

Ranganathan Street in T.Nagar was the  chosen location to carry out A R Murugadoss’s secret shootout for Surya’s upcoming flick 7aam Arivu.Cameraman Ravi Varman was assigned with the challenging task to can the shots without the knowledge of the public present at the busily crowded Ranganathan Street. The lens man had a mammoth task of capturing the twists and turns of a 1000 dancers who accompanied star hero Surya in completing the song sequence in just 10 minutes as per instructions.

Enough time for the crowd to sense the celebrity presence as they made every effort to catch a glimpse of their hero. However the team had completed the job as planned to escape without coming into notice, thanks to the tight 3 day practice schedule held at AVM Studios earlier where they worked day in and out to get the steps right.

Murugadoss wanted to present the song in all its rawness and the director shared his delight in completing the task smoothly as he said, “Surya’s interesting song sequence containing a group of 1000 dancers has been completed successfully. It took about 8 cameras to shoot the sequence, shot in more than 40 locations in and around Chennai.”

Fans will have to hold on for the ‘secret’, as the movie will hit screens only by June after the completion of post production duties scheduled for another 45 days.



  1. Aravind

    HMmmm comparing u r 1 st flim Neruku Ner and now…… much u have changed man….in terms of acting,fighting,dialouge delivery and dance….u r achivement is nothing but the out come of u r hard work man……just u r a shining example of how hard work pays….rock on buddy………..

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