Surya’s ‘Ratha Charithram’ fetches record price

Surya's 'Ratha Sarithram' fetches record price
Actor Surya has joined the lucrative Tamil cinema’s overseas millionaires’ club. Yes, the overseas rights of his film ‘Ratha Charithram’, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, has been sold for a record Rs 4.5 crore (over US $1 million)!

Surya joins the illustrious ‘million dollar club of Tamil superstars’ which includes Rajinikanth ($2.5 million), Kamal Haasan ($1.5 million) and Vijay ($ 1 million).

One of the producers of the film, Madhu Mantena, says, “Yes, we sold the overseas rights for over $1 million to a Malaysia-based company. It is the highest-ever overseas price paid for a Surya film. The film is being simultaneously made in three languages — Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. However, this sale is purely for the Tamil film’s international rights.”

On Surya, Mantena, who also co-produced Ghajini in Hindi, says, “Ramu says that Surya’s eyes are deadly and there is something about him that will attract the Bollywood audiences. Mark my words, Surya is going to click in Bollywood, and perhaps, will become the first actor from the south to make a successful crossover.”

The rights have been procured by the Malaysian company after they saw some action sequences and Surya’s performance in the film at RGV’s office in Mumbai. “We are simply awestruck by what we saw; the power-packed action scenes are stunning. Surya has never been seen like this before and this film is surely going to create havoc at the box office!” says a visibly excited Anand Sivam, head of the company which purchased the overseas rights.

Meanwhile, the overseas market of Tamil films is booming, as the worldwide Tamil diaspora, especially Sri Lankan Tamils, are crazy about Tamil superstars. Today, for a Tamil superstar, his huge salary depends purely on the reach he has in the overseas market. If the star is only popular in Tamil Nadu, he is not considered to be a part of the superstar league!

Surya is fast emerging as a phenomenon in the international market. His recent Singam—a huge hit in the overseas market— figured in the top 15 in the UK box office. ‘Ratha Charithram’ will be released in Tamil as one of Surya’s largest releases ever. In fact, the Mumbai trade is saying that RGV and Madhu Mantena will make more money out of the Tamil version than the Hindi and Telugu versions put together!



  1. Anonymous

    Don't be jealous(the above 2) .he has the talent.encourage him.innum college paiyana nadicha pathathu college paiyana maranum athuthan matter(like varanam ayiram)

  2. Anonymous

    vijay oru dubukku sura era tha avanukku laaiki, Surya is the best, vijay kooda compare panni asigapaduthatheenga Suryava

  3. Anonymous

    Surya Camera zoomla periya scene poduraan, nerla partha, oru kulla katharaikka , omakuchi mathiri dhaan irukkaan,Vijay is far better.

  4. Anonymous

    enda sura padam parthutu antha padam super soningi movana saga adichuduvan …goiyala ithuku poi vijay thooku ela na aruna kodi la thooku mati thongalam kavalkaran veli vantha avana bannd pana soli mail anupuven na

  5. Anonymous

    plz look close vijay's face onetime you can't eat…. don't compare him with surya… He is a best HUMAN BEING and a REAL LIFE HERO… vijay is nothing but ZERO…

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    vijay epdi million dollar clubla senthannu than therila… avan padathuku 10 roopave jasthi…. avana poi.. hey… hey hey… ha.. ha..h…h…

  8. Anonymous

    i don't see how vijay could be compared with surya! They are both COMPLETELY different… vijay does movies to "entertain" people…no comments on how far it actually entertains people…but surya is an actor…he can do ANYTHING..mind you, vijay has said himself that he can only do so much…and it's not coz of humbleness, but the absolute truth.
    I am happy for surya…he has to continue whatever he is doing.

  9. Anonymous

    surya ipo cini field la irukurathuku karanam vijay tha because 1st film neruku ner film hit……nxt surya ku turning point friends film mega hit….. 2filmla vijay hero….. vijay illana nw surya illa… surya gud actor na othukuren bt dnt cmpr vijay…. vijay 50 film nadichutan…surya 25 film tha nadichurukan… athum last4 film tha avanuku hit….

  10. Anonymous

    previous anonymous, u r rite… vijay's 50th film n surya's 25th film… bt if u c flashback, nt only his 4 films r hit.. guess u didnt watch ghajini, nandha, sri n his earlier pics..
    surya vijay mathiri ellame same story movie pannale… surya choose his character wisely n act.. tatz y he is in de top list… vj is ntg… juz imagine if vj were 2 act in vaaranam aayiram, CONFIRM PADAM FLOP!!!

  11. Anonymous

    previous anonymous, yes u r rite.. its vj's 50th movie n surya's 25th movie.. bcoz surya don do same storyline movie like vj.. haha…
    n i guess i didnt watch surya's hits such as ghajini, sree, nanda, khaaka khaakha n so on..
    pls la… surya is dare enough 2 change his actin character… nt like vj… always act de same style…
    juz imagine.. if vj were 2 act in vaaranam aayiram, PADAM CONFIRM FLOP!!

  12. Anonymous

    vijay kelam support pandra vanga kitta pesi time waste panathinga boss. avan fans avana mari tharuthalaya than irupanunga.

  13. Anonymous

    surya is a best actor after kamalhasan,in future he is the superstar of tamil cinema. vijay is almost over.

  14. Anonymous

    Kamal oru kevalamana actor who can never deliver originality, adhukku appuram indha kullayan. Adhutha raid la dhaan amunguvaan ninaikiren,

  15. anni

    yes right surya in cemara is beauty real its not beauty. but vijay is not like that.
    suryas fans are foolish . in  cemara only surya is beauty .vijay is the best.

    vijay up up
    surya down down

  16. anni

    yes right surya in cemara is beauty real its not beauty. but vijay is not like that.
    suryas fans are foolish . in  cemara only surya is beauty .vijay is the best.

    vijay up up
    surya down down

  17. r

    if surya want to act there is no need the help of vijay because suryas father is a actor.  and surya will choose the story not like vijay surya will not act any story that come in front of him. but vijay will act in every story that come in front of him remeber one thing that surya and vijay are close friends

  18. r

    if surya want to act in film there is no need of vijay and suryas  father is a actor surya will choose the story not like vijay .that is why vijays film more than suryas

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