Surya’s Next Film Titled Ezhavathu Arivu-A R Murugadoss challenges the best Indian movie ever.

Suriya Next Film Titled Ezhavathu Arivu

When we hear the term Sixth sense we relate it  either to one outside the realm of the scientific, or one that simply does not exist in most humans  Or you may refer it to 1999 American thriller film, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Bruce Willis

Now A R Murugadoss goes ahead and has give his next film with Surya as Ezhavathu Arivu(Seventh Sense) and  has already challenged that Ezhavathu Arivu is going to be the best Indian movie ever. The challenge he has thrown was liked by all creative geniuses including Kamal Haasan and even appreciated. So Murugadoss has started his efforts from the title onwards.

Ezhavathu Arivu– of Murugadoss with Surya is at the end of its pre-production stage and the unit will leave for China in the first week of June. That is the first schedule. Currently the director is busy with Harris Jayaraj finalising the song recordings.

Udhayanidhi Stalin produces this film which unites Murugadoss and Suriya after the phenomenally successful ‘Ghajini’ in 2005.

So will Surya be a yet another super human in the film, who has vision to Thing beyond the limits.

More informatiuon expected on 15th May when the Team meets the press at Green Park Hotel,Chennai.



  1. Anonymous

    if you have to comparate surya and vijay
    vijay has made 50 movies and surya 25
    but surya has done many blockbuster like nandha, kaakha kaakha, ghajini, vaaranam aayiram, ayan, and aadhavan
    vijay has just done pokkiri but it was a remake like most of his movies
    surya has won more awards than vijay
    so surya is a better actor than vijay

  2. Anonymous

    People who can act in different roles is called as an Actor.. So, Thala,Surya,Vikram are the Leading actors.. We cannot say Vijay as an actor.. He is only a dancer

  3. mohammed

    ha ha ha… Actors that too Suriya..  ha ha ha jock of the year… if vijay is a dancer what is Rajani… let these guys  Mohanlal and Mammooty act panna padam pakkattum and learn what is acting…

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