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Suryas Maatraan to head Italy in January

surya Kjal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal is having a whale of a time down Kollywood. The actress recently told us how happy she was being roped in for a Vijay flick and to be working under director Murugadoss. With the year coming to an end, she will be passing on the good news to her fans in Italy personally.

Sources close to the actress told us, Kajal and Maatraan hero Surya will be heading for their next schedule straight to Italy. The Maatraan team earlier completed their shooting schedule in the snowfalls of Liepāja, Latvia.On her return from Latvia Kajal said she was totally in love with the place – a perfect romantic getaway. Now she will head to Italy early January .Director Kv Anand will try to capture the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the neighboring regions in all it’s essence. After completing the Italian schedule more than 80% of the movie will be completed is things continue smoothly as they have till now.

Wow Kajal Italy ! what a way to get New Year 2012 started.


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