Surya wants people to vote


Surya wants people to vote

Kollywood star Surya wants the votes of each and everyone one of you. No people this is not his next big political step, infact the actor along with brother Karthi and others including Jayam Ravi,  Rohini, Suhasini Mani Ratnam and Vijay Antonty will spread awareness among the public for the need to vote. All the mentioned actors will be part of a short film produced by the Election Commission aiming at generating awareness among the public about their right to vote and exercising it during the upcoming elections.

Apart from this new short film Surya is awaiting the 7aam Arivu audio launch function on March 28th.He is busy practicing the 10 ball juggle, the human pyramid and some wild acrobatics to be performed live during the launch event. The star recently completed shooting a secret dance number with a 1000 dancers on the busy Ranganathan Street escaping the crowd thronging his presence.

The hard working actor will be keeping a close eye on his watch with so many commitments.



  1. Ramu

    Surya takes home 14 crores per movie and he is starting to recognise his social responsibilities . Some other actor’s fans are jealous of Surya’s success and so , they keep posting silly comments about Surya. Cine Circles acknowledge Surya is the new Superstar of Tamil Cinema .

  2. Vasin

    Nichayama Surya Superstar illa;college life’la reserved’a irnthiruparu. Superstar thaguthi antha Malayalee rascal Ajith’ku mattum thaan irku Rajnik’ku aproma. However since he is no Thamilan we should not accept him. Vijay’ku thaguthi illa; ennamo he is never never convincing; it doesn’t look like he won through his own and authentic efforts.

  3. Rakesh Raghav

    East or West Surya is the best in Tamil Cinema. He is a Tamil and he should be appreciated for taking Tamil Cinema to new heights along with Vikram after the days of Rajini and Kamal. Actors like Joseph Vijay are surviving because their money and muscle power (threatening the theatre owners to run his movie for 50 days  even if there is noone to watch his movies) and because of the few fanatic Christian journalists who want to promote their fellow Christian Joseph Vijay . They think Vijay will help them to get more converts to Christianity like how he had converted his wife and how he keeps himself surounded by Christians alone.

  4. Yogaraja

    Surya and Karthi are the true Tamils who supported Srilankan Tamils during the dark days of war. We cannot forget the way they gathered many Software employees and formed a human chain to expres solidarity with Srilankan tamils. They have also sponsored many of our kids through their Agaram foundation. Long live Surya and Karthi.

  5. Prakash Reddy

    Surya is genius. Surya is one star whose movies we like to watch in AP as well. His movies openings are as good as any other telugu star in Andhra

  6. Vasin

    Reddykaru Surya nalla actor; handsome guy; girls like him; hard working; athukaga ‘genius’? Albert Einstein maathri aalungala thaan genius’nu solluvanga.

  7. Vasin

    Surya oru meeting’la inime Sri Lanka Thamilar’ku fight pannarathuku help panni ethuvum pannamudiyathunu opne’a pesi irkan. Surya’ku practical side mattume puriyarathu no ideology; more like females; Superstar material illa. Superstar’na more than practical’a irkanum; Christopher Columbus maathri.

  8. Veeramaindhan

    Come on Surya , we are there to support your good and thoughtful initiatives. Proud to be a Surya fan.

  9. Aruchamy

    everybody knows that whatever Rakesh told is true. Vijay and his father always do katta pachayath  threatening the theatre owners

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