Surya to Perform Live Stunt Show at 7 aam Arivu Music Release

Surya to Perform Live Stunt Show

Surya, the perfectionist that he is, is all set to put up a public show of his newly acquired circus skills and tricks to prove that they are authentic.

Interestingly, Surya acts as a circus stuntman in one of his avatars in the tri-lingual movie ‘7 aam Arivu’ directed by A R Murugadoss. The young actor has been practising every conceivable circus stunt including swinging on airs, rope fights from a veteran circus master for the past 6 months.

Suryae can now walk the trapeze, blow fire out of his mouth and juggle with six balls. In fact the ball-jugglery has been the favourite part of Surya’s preparation for his role and he just can’t get enough of it.

Surya is now good enough to impress actual circus artistes who have spent all their life mastering the tricks, the unit say.

Surya’s mastery over the art of jugglery and other circus stunts will now be on public display.Suriya would be performing these stunts on stage LIVE during the audio release of 7aam Arivu.

Says Murugadoss, “For the last six months Surya has been learning all the ropes of being a complete circus artiste. He has mastered juggling six balls simultaneously. He loves performing for his kids and friends.”

“Surya will perform all his circus tricks live on stage at the music-release function for our film. He doesn’t want his fans to think that the stunts they’d see him do in the film are special-effects. He has worked hard to learn the tricks and he wants the audience to appreciate it.”, Murugadoss said.




  1. Santhosh

    He has used steroids, otherwise u cannot get this body frame in a period of 2-3 years. This is very much temporary too. Did he have the same body in Singam, no

  2. Rajeev

    Vijay — he has not used Steroids… I can assure you… Simple Logic… Science says Steroids are harmful &  chances of kids is very less…
    so please don speak rubbish…

  3. Karthi...

    This body doesn’t require 2 to 3yrs 8 months with strict diet & exercise would do..  Also 6 packs cannot be maintained always.. but it can be regained within two weeks.. (Intake of only Salt & Water will bring down your belly But bit hard) 

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