Surya plays conjoined twin in Maatran


Since the days of MGR to the last Karthi movie, double roles have always been a spicy hit amongst Kollywood fans.

Now, there is a fresh change in the trend as Surya will surely sweep you away with his gimmick in the upcoming KV Anand’s movie Maatran.

Close sources to Surya tell us he will be playing the role of a conjoined twin .Simply put it is condition where 2 bodies are joined and their functions and mechanisms are shared in unison. The bodies are bound to eat, sleep and other day to day activities together.

Well Tamil cinema is surely going to witness something new with this experiment, Surya is definitely eyeing off beat roles in an attempt to prove his versatility with every new movie. Kudos to him, we will have to wait and watch how he pulls it off on screen for this one.



  1. anon

    leaving the  “for experimentation sake”, if the script demands it, one should go for such a role. Also, the writer should not make up a story around a conjoined twin life, it should just happen in his story. otherwise I will consider it, yet another way to earn money by snatching the dignity of those people.

  2. anon

    saringa sir neenga sonna karutha KV Anand accept pannitar, he will change the script according to ur suggestions, vera ethavadhu changes solla virumburingala?………….next script ungala consult pannitudhaan ready pannuvaram.

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