Surya Jo and kids plan to go on a South African trip

Surya Jo and kids plan to go on a African trip

Surya Jo and kids  plan to go on a African trip

Basking in the glory of his 7aam Arivu success, actor Surya is one happy man these days. Now days he is seen taking part in public events after a long gap, trying to unwind himself after the tiresome yet enjoyable 7aam Arivu schedules that demanded the highest priority some time back. The actor was recently seen gifting out the Disha Young Achiever Awards 2011 to kids coming from the disadvantaged backgrounds.

Suriya at Disha Young Achiever awards 2011-Gallery

Apart from that, Surya was in news for purchasing a new bike as a gift for Baby Diya, taking her out for those joy rides .Surya got the bike after li’l Diya  told daddy how she loved those 2 wheeler rides back when she was very young. Now it seems Surya and Jo have planned a surprise for the kids (Now only if the kids weren’t reading this).The happening Kollywood mommy and daddy are making all preparations to take their kids to a big African safari. Surya who got his first African experience working with KV Anand recently disclosed the news saying, Africa is a beautiful and quite an unassuming place. A safari in the deep jungles of Africa would be a perfect treat for my wife and kids. Hopefully we would go there soon.”

Now Diya and Dev and gonna have some real fun …enjoy kiddos



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