Surya is Anwar Basha in 7aam Arivu

Surya in 7aam Arivu
Surya in 7aam Arivu

The movie 7aam Arivu has got it’s characters in the form of Anwar Basha played by star actor Surya a circus artist in the movie and his opposite lead character Shalini which will be played by Shruti Haasan .The movie is riding red on the expectation bar as fans hope to see a complete entertainer from the duo of Surya and AR Murugadoss making a return after they enjoyed stupendous success with Ghajini earlier.

Howsoever fans  have to hold their breath as the movie is expected to release only in June as director AR Murgadoss will take another 2 months to brush up the post production after completing the shoots in March, due to lot of graphical content which needs to be edited. The audio launch to be held on by March end will also see the circus artist Surya performing some live stunts for the audience.

So are you ready to see Anwar Basha rocking the trampolines?



  1. answer

    @000………..ivan thavala sister height kuda iruka matan… orey basha.. orey rajini… anwar basha,circus.. appo indha padam basha and aborva sagadorargal mixing eh

  2. Aravind

    When did Surya said he is super star?????just bcas of poster issue???he may not have the mass of super star but he is fit  for it……always people comment abt his height……its the achivement speaks and Aamir Khan is little shorter than surya…..he has talent guys….dont feel jealous of it…..

  3. Fan of nobody

    Rajini is a coward and dont have guts……..he literally spolied 2 generations by promoting cigas and beedi in the name of style……he would just run behind very established directors for success…..

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