Surya in 5 new avatars for Maatraan

Surya in 5 new avatars for Maatraan
Surya in 5 new avatars for Maatraan

Surya’s upcoming flick Maatraan has created a furore among fans for the actor donning a special double role in the movie. It was said that Surya has a conjoined twin sharing his screen space.

Recently when we caught up with Director KV Anand regarding the news he clarified all rumors stating, “I don’t want to start talking about the movie it’s a bit too early but I would like to tell you that Surya will appear in 5 new avatars and each one will have a totally different dimension to it.”

Surya fans have a lot to talk about, now that the news has come straight from the horse’s mouth.Meanwhile KV Anand is looking forward to the release of Jeeva flick KO and  Surya is pretty much engaged  with 7aam Arivu shoots after which both of them will be joining hands to give us this special Surya package.

Now that’s what we call a ‘Pentuple bonanza’.



  1. aravind

    Hmmmmmm each movie is a stepping stone for u it seems…….hope u would make audiance happy again….all the best Surya….

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