Surya Films overtake Vijay in profit

surya and vijay

After Rajinikanth’s film it was Vijay’s film which was gaining lot of income. Now the second spot is taken by actor Surya.

Surya last year film ‘Ayan’ was the most profit earning film of previous year. Though ‘Aadhavan’ didn’t stand up to the expectations of people, it earned a notable profit. This year Surya’s release ‘Singam’ is bringing in lot of income from all the centers throughout the state. The houseful board can be seen in the gates of all theaters.

The fans have a lot of expectations on Surya. The audiences believe on Surya’s works for each film, though they know the film is a commercial one. Surya also keeps up to the expectation of his fans in all movies.

Vijay’s ‘Sura’ is not running in any of the theaters in Chennai. All the theaters where ‘Sura’ was running are taken control by ‘Singam’. News come out that the loss made by ‘Sura’ is getting compensated by ‘Singam’.



  1. Anonymous

    Vijay politics enter aguranala avaruku itha pathi kavala illa, aena inga vittatha anga pudichiralamnu pathukittu irukaru.

  2. Anonymous

    vijay maybe has a good heart, and i appreciate that…but as an actor, he needs to understand and pick better movies, it's not that hard.. surya is an actor… vijay is according to some fans, entertainer… actor always wins at the end!

  3. Anonymous

    போகடா பூல். உங்களைப்போல முட்டாள் Fans இருக்கும் வரைக்கும் விஜய் படம் Flap தான்….

    போங்கடா வெண்ணெய் ………

  4. Anonymous

    Very sad how Vijay got another flop but at least he is an good actor and no matter how much people hates him because of flops!!
    I think there is a problem that Vijay should not pick a boring or stupid or same storylines from the dictectors! For next Vijay's movie "Kavalkaran" will be a better hit than his previous movies! Cause I watched a telugu movie that Vijay's next remake movie is "Bodyguard". I watched that too, and it's a good story and great. That actor in Telugu "Bodyguard", I can't imagine how Vijay have to act like him if he do, then it will be more different and way better cause he have to act as a bodyguard and to protect that girl. This is what I'm going to think that Vijay's next movie will be way improves than his previous movie. Don't forget that he is going to act with Asin that will do better like Pokkiri and Sivakasi!

  5. Anonymous

    hello, just because singam take over sura, dosent mean surya is better. Have you forgotten about vettaikaran!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    hey cool guys … whatever surya did he cant come near to vijay… check the box office of Pokkiri.. till no one reach that… Ha Ha… Inumum valaranum thambi…

  7. Anonymous

    surya's future super star, cont….. hitz, forthcoming movie also will be mega mega hit, u know y, its a a.r.murugadoss movie, 7th sense, so i believe he has to deserve has a super star..i hope all film watchers should accept this comment, bye-byeeeeee

  8. Anonymous

    pls dont even compare surya with vijay ….vijay dont even kno how to act he is just an entertainer ok …and also he cant be surya's role model how u r saying tat…surya is giving his best in each n every film..k and i too like vijay but he s doing same type of films..surya is diff……………

  9. Anonymous

    dont compare mokka vijay with surya.. he has nothing than a couple of dance movements, but surya has all potentials…

  10. sanjay

    singam rocked even vettaikaran ask vijay to give a movie like kakka kakka,varanam aayiram,perazhagan or atleast like ayan

  11. karan

    u mean KOLIWOOD? Vijay a acting vitu KOLI pudika poga sollu… aapo than vijay super star in KOLIWOOD aaga mudium. 

    <span> ajith surya chappa – </span>KISHORE NE ANA KURUDANA (R U BLIND)?

  12. asd

    hey guys………..both surya and vijay are good actors but when it come to acting skills surya is better than vijay.Also vijay scores when it comes to dance and dialogues…..this is a fact and thats why I like them both.

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