Surya Brand Ambassador of Zandu Balm

Mallaika and Surya
Mallaika and Surya

Surya who is already endorsing Aircel, Navarathna Oil and Bharathy Cements, he has recently also signed by a popular pain balm manufacturer ‘Zandu Balm’ as the brand ambassador for the product.

Recently, he finished with the shoot for the upcoming advertisement of the product, along with Bollywood siren Malaika Arora who was  already endorsing the brand and promoting it through commercials.

Surya will be the ambassador for Tamil Nadu region; we also got news Tollywood top actor NTR Junior will support the product for Andhra Pradesh.

The commercial will go onscreen expectantly in the last week of December.Senthil, whose cinematography in Telugu flick ‘Magadheera’ was applauded by one and all, is handling camera work.

Gorgeous Malaika also commented, “It was a wonderful experience. Surya is very sweet.”

Renowned ad maker Prahlad Kakkar mentioned that Surya is an exceedingly shy person but transforms into a totally different man when he faced the camera.

Well, after watching Ghajini we never though Surya would endorse a pain relieving balm, did you?

Malaika Arora in Dabangg Zandu Balm Promo Ad



  1. aravind

    hello brother the money frm endorsements directly goes to the various help schemes he is involved…one of my fr is working in his office which looks after his help schemes

  2. karthick

    dai poramboku poramboku thirunthu da. agaram nu paera vechitu oora aemathuran intha naai. ivan veetla raid nadanthappa evlo land documents and black money veliya vanthathu  nu theriyuma. appa antha baadu naaiku help pannadhu yaar theriyuma udhayanidhi stalin. avan paana help ku kooli enna theriyuma red gaint movies la oru padam surya nadikurathu. ippa antha tin beer size surya naai nadikura 7am arivu padam produced by red giant. without salary he is working in that movie.thirutu payyan. eppa thaan TN makkal itha ellam unaraporangalo. avan veetuku raid pona officer id my friends dad da naye. dont support him and vijay tv both are cheating TN people

  3. aravind

    hmmm what to do??there r guys who still dont know to express their opinion decently…it shows their attitude and the environment they had brought up…

  4. guna

    yenda karthick un fr appan enna bribe vangurana….romba nermaiyana pundaiya avan…..surya mela case poda vendiyathu thana……

  5. guna

    atleast surya  money kudukuran……athvum poor family  students ku……avan enna oora yemathitan…un friend appan than natta yemathitan…poi avan sunniya ummbu

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