Surya as Circus Artist in 7aam Arivu latest Poster

Surya as Circus Artist in Latest Promo Poster

It’s almost globally known that 7aam Arivu is going to be the biggest hit this Diwali and Suriya fans just can contain the joy. Oh really!  How about gifting you with yet another promo poster for his upcoming big budget offering 7aam Arivu (No probs….it’s our pleasure).Ok first tell us how many 7’s are there in the number 0000000….(Hey ! we just wanted to crack up a brainy-puzzle for you…hope you fell for it…if you still dint.. just read on.)

Here is the latest promo poster for 7aam Arivu showcasing namma Suriya in his Circus artiste costume. It’s one of the most awaited roles in his upcoming triple role offering, promising to be a trampoline-jumping performance from the classy actor. Suriya is accompanied by his dwarf friend as they seem to have landed right on target jumping from a 15,000 foot high tower only to receive the applauds of an awestruck audience. In the background we do see a Russian gymnast rising to the occasion, but we wonder if we lost Jumbo amidst all the action. Hmm… we’ll keep the hunt on.

Enjoy the poster and don’t forget to shout in your comments below. That’s Right.



  1. Vandumurugan

    Surya is a gem and the best talent in Tamil Industry . If your favourite actor cannot act properly, better advise him to learn acting and stop copying from other languages.

  2. Deppa

    Very True, Surya has become the hot favourite of all family class audience over the years displacing all other actors. Cheers to his hardwork and excellent family of Sri.Sivakumar

  3. Vashist

    Only Surya can deliver such difficult roles amongst the next generation actors. We should be proud of having such a hardworking dedicated actor with a good mixture of class and mass components in his movies. Well done Surya and three cheers to the complete team of 7aam Arivu.

  4. Renu

    Correct. But it is worth writing about such posters also considering the pain taken by Surya to do such roles . He underwent training in a real circus for 15 days before starting to act in this role. How many other actors will take such pains do such things to make their part perfect. No doubt, Surya rules Kollywood and peoples’ hearts

  5. Thyagu

    Surya is taller than any body else by sponsoring the poor kids education. He is not someone who uses the producers’ money to distribute money / freebies to convert people to his religion  in the name of Audio release.   Surya rocks.

  6. sri

    ya my kullayan is original hero (movie and real life) , ur hero s remake star ,copy star, and ur nettayan dont have gutts to take risk.

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