Surya’s ‘Raktha Charithra’ banned in 5 southern states by SIFCC

surya in raktha charithra

The Tamil film federation is all set to take action. All the film bodies are readyto show their unity. The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) had taken a decision to boycott films of Bollywood stars who were present for IIFA awards in Colombo.

Vivek Oberoi not only attended IIFA but is reported to have made some snide remarks about SIFCC. The Association of South Indian Movies has banned the Surya-Priyamani starrer ‘Raktha Charithra’ from been screened in 5 southern states. This move is taken as an action against Vivek Oberoi who attended the IIFA event held in Colombo. Earlier, the body has announced that action will be taken against the actors who participate in the IIFA event held in Colombo.

It clearly means that part 1 of ‘Raktha Charithra’ which has Vivek Oberoi and Surya coming in the last five minutes, will be boycotted. But what will be more hurting to RGV is the part 2 of ‘Raktha Charithra’, which has more of Surya and less of Vivek and made in Tamil also faces the “unofficial ban”.

As the first case Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kites’ was pulled out of the theatres and their anger is now brewing over ’Raavanan’ which has another defaulter Govinda playing an important role. Will ’Raktha Charithra’ be saved at least for the sake of Surya? As things stand now it is difficult to say.



  1. Anonymous

    Juz bcoz Vivek Oberoi did a mistake, its not fair to ban the whole film…
    Why dont think about Surya, Ram Gopal Varma and others who put all their efforts in making this film?
    You cant practically punish a whole group of people juz bcoz of one arrogant man…!
    This is totally unfair…

  2. Anonymous

    If they try to ban a Tamilian Surya's film..they must have banned Genelia..who attended the IIFA but said lie to every one

    She attended the IIFA event but immediately returned back after hearing the threats from southern film industry…

    If we check her passport the truth will be revealed..

  3. a sincere south indian

    Please all u reputable people of SIFCC, we just love our surya to the core and eagerly await for his following projects. Sir, so please do not disappoint us to this extent. How could a South Indian association for the welfare of South Indian people forbid a South Indian's dream and dishonor the effort of the entire team. This is totally unfair. Pls Pls Pls all u people rethink of this decision standing in the position of the people who have toiled for this project to come out successful

  4. Anonymous

    All the actors where warned inspite Vivek oberoi went to srilanka you cannot take SIFCC for granted.

    Now the team entire team faces the threat all because of You.

    But the Raavan team needs to repected as all the leading actor followed SIFCC instruction except the idiot govinda.Kick him out.

  5. Usha Parvathi (Singapore)

    it's definitely not fair for to ban films which have those actors who attended the IIFA. think of the directors, technicians and other actors who put so much of hard work in to the movie. all we can do now is warn all producers that future films of those actors would not be screened in south india. then when no producers or directors come forward to sign up these actors, they will know how serious it can be.

    i've not seen the trailer of kites but have seen the trailers of Raktha Charithra and Ravaan. so much hard work is involved in these films. pls dun ban the films so stupidly and get their curses!!

  6. Anonymous

    All the people who want to see Surya's film and who bear the rest of the crew in their thoughts, think about the people of Eelam too, would it be fair on them to simply back down cos it affects people involved with them. It was easy for people to say to others that they should not attend IIFA, but those same people cant even give up from watching a movie (Hippocrates!).

    I think is only fair for the SIFCC to hold on to their word and uphold the ban on who participated IIFA even if it affects the people who were not involved. Hell is not goin to break through if people dont see one film of Surya or Vikram. And if people want the movie to be released nevertheless that makes them no differnt from the people who went to IIFA as they liked it and not worrying about what their actions result in.
    If SIFCC back out then they will be undermined in the future as in the past. Baning the movies of all who attended IIFA (even if it bring down our favorite heros) will send the message loud and clear. No matter how big the project is it should be banned.

  7. Anonymous

    to all the privileged arses who comment here against the ban "arent you guys gonna watch the movie online anyway??, so why the fuss??". even if u dont then i think its a small sacrifice we can do to all the people who lost their lives. Amitabh and others artists sacrificed IIFA now its the turn for us the fans to show our voice

    P.S : I'm the one who posted the last comment too.

  8. Anonymous

    All the world peoples are same
    some particular persons creating
    the problem and separating whole
    people. (important one all are money minded not only cini field all of them)

    Note: World created for all whom like to live
    so please dont destroy the peace like this
    small problem in Rakta charitra.

  9. Anonymous

    what is this chinna pulla thanamavula eruku
    anga people warla die annapa enga namma nallathana
    thinukitu erunthom.
    eppa ennana IIFA problemnu solrangapa athuku actoruku
    support panni ethana peru comment veraya . pongappa
    pulla kutty eruntha poi paddikavaingapa . nammaku thalaiku mela
    prachana eruku atha mudhala papom ethukaga mathavanga matterla
    namma mukanolaikanum.

    eppadiku enna problemnu theriyamala comment eluthum vasagan

    dont feel dont feel dont feel
    be happy ba happy be happy

  10. Anonymous

    Its becos of ignorant people like you people get killed. try and get to know whats is happening in world and base ur opinion on that. Dont jus care abt if ur getting next meal. People should atleast have an opinion. I dont have any idea of what kind of person u really are, but im jus commenting based on the comment u posted.

  11. Anonymous

    thanks for your reply comment. surely i felt guilty
    i just joked because of some useless humans are living
    here (please read carefully). i really understand the problem which happening in the world . note i am also pure tamilan
    i have all responsibility in this world also.
    friend please see what i am telling
    i feel u may be tamil. but u simply posting ur comment in English
    its ok thats ur personal i will not interfere .
    nenga nalla purinchikanum nann etha mean panni sonnana enga ellam
    vai kelia pesinanga srilankala tamilargal eranthappa anna
    athunala enna proyojanam . entha pecha avanga srilankala poy pesavendiyathuthana . yen na bayam avanga pesamatanuga
    u mentioned that dont jus care about ur next meal please understand what i said anga war nadanthappa unmaiya purinchikonga
    namma elorum nalla sappidamaya erunthom ella meetingla pesinvanga yaravathu oruthar pattni kidanthu sethuponakala ennaku theriyala
    ungaluku therincha solunga friend. anga makkal sethuponapa ennoda
    idhyamum thudithathu because they are our annan thangai
    anna atha pathi ethana peru ennum ninachu kavalapadranga

    what kind of person me?
    i am really stupid, i am idiot, i am fool and u can fill***********
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    i feel sorry to all. u can scold what ever u want.
    but i will not change my opinion oru herovuku support pannringa
    anna ? padam release avrathum avathathum avanga problem
    athuku poi namma onnum sola mudiyathu.


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