Suriyas new 7aam Arivu poster unveiled

Have a look at Suriya’s latest 7aam Arivu poster. Suriya ‘rises’ from his practice dungeon and delivers his deadly ‘Chow’ – Haiiiyyynn Kochimmaaa Shamukashiiii…Chepa (Ok no worries …it’s Chinese).Now surprisingly his enemy is no match for him as the small guy wonders from where this power shot has come. As a Kungfuishingly-dangerous Suriya tries to halt the traffic lights with his right hand, (now you cant begin the fight with cars honking) he has an invisible cup of water delicately balanced on his left hand (See…Kungfu is serious business, you need to drink a lot of water…dehydration gets the best of you ..if you don’t take the regular shots…so lets call it a smart move from ‘namma’ Suriya)

Now coming back to our Vietnamese champ – Johnny Tri Nguyen (who is kind of confused as he heads in a completely opposite direction of his competitor ). Johnny saar does have some hidden talents, evident from the strong-focus yellow light under his belt as he strongly balances on the slippery-lit surface( Now just look at that….he has to use all his limbs painstakingly stretched backward, forward, right, left….God save the poor guy).The backdrop seems quite expansive with chinna Johnnys running here and there, under Suriyas towering presence.

Needless to say it’s a flawless victory for Suriya.

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  1. Vasin

    This is going to be good; yes; may be quality n real looking fights. Surya did brilliantly in that Kinshasa street chase n fight. Let us see how well the Director does the fight sequences in this movie; can’t wait!

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