Suriyas 7aam Arivu new poster unleashed

Suriyas 7aam Arivu  new poster unleashed

Surprise for 7aam Arivu fans and Suriya fans! Here is another poster from Suriya’s upcoming flick 7aam Arivu starring actress Shruti Hassan in opposite lead. Now let’s see what we’ve got !(standing upside down) You’ve got auto rickshaws flipped over, a car smashed into a popcorn-box (our photographer has assured that he has caught the culprit ), and some big vans resting on top of those small bikes (Ok it was an accident, it’s not funny at all!). Now all this is just the background story.

Rushing to the front is ‘namma’ Suriya being closely followed by our buttercup Shruti Hassan just behind him clinging to his nice black shirt. Shruti’s got some believable red sauce on her face (Now you don’t look good with that chilli sauce Shruti, why din’t you fire your make-up guy?…ok ..lets come back). Hero Suriya has spread out his hands wide sensing the danger that awaits them. And guess who’s on the other side it’s Johnny saar – with his “ready-to-teach-you-a-lesson” look (muahahahahha….hey Johnny stop that evil smile )

What do you think people will ‘namma’ Suriya make Johnny say ‘Yes Pappa’ ? (We know he will….but come on drop in some comments just for the fun of it.)




  1. Vasin

    Still a 3 perum super a irkanga. Oru kalathla sauce moonjila potukarathu, fake scar moonjila vachkarathu….ithellam kuda day to day make anaulm acharya padrathukila!

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