Suriyas 7aam Arivu audio launch latest poster

Suriya 7aam Arivu new audio poster

Check out the latest audio launch poster for 7aam Arivu unveiled by their production house Red Giant Banner. This new 300 crore budget Suriya offering will see the star actor appear in a triple role. In the poster Suriya stares at you eye-to-eye, with a determined look. The poster reads “Suriya in 7aam Arivu –an A.R. Murugadoss film.” Words like technological, organs, future and brain have been given special emphasis as they pop out in bold red. On the right hand top corner the poster is labeled with the words “Audio Coming Soon” in big block letters.

The audio launch event is expected to be a grand affair with Suriya all set to perform some crazy circus maneuvers that will leave everyone in awe. The audio launch event has been scheduled for the 2nd week of September by the audio label Sony BMG as per latest reports. Another hot topic among 7aam Arivu fans is the introduction of a martial arts guy from Vietnam named Johnny Tri Nguyen. He has given a stunning performance in the Vietnamese martial arts movie titled “The Rebel”, back in 2007.

Now by the looks of Suriya, fans can be assured that our hero will put any heavyweight to rest.





  1. S M

    Robo is 175 crores…
    7aam Arivu is 300 crores…
    it means tamil nadu public money (nidhi) is with these Nidhi’s (kalanidhi, udhyanidhi, dayanidhi,etc)…
    They are using film industry to convert their black money in to white…

  2. udal mannuku,uyir suriya'ku

    love u alot baby..ur amazing and no one can deny from malaysia.we r here to support and love u..these are the fact that cnt b changed

  3. Ram

    300 crore budget for this movie??? What the hell man? Nambara mathiri illayae, I think the information is wrong.

  4. S M

    Now Surya Sivakumar’s film 7aam Arivu become the huge budget film in Tamil film industry.

    Now people from tamil film industry who say i’m the next CM of Tamil Nadu will shut their mouth….

  5. Magi

    Jayalalitha Madam ivanungalai pidithu Jail la podunga Yaethu ivlo Panam for Udhayanithi Stalin  Udhayanithi stalin, Surya Kalanithi Maran rajini rehman ivanunalai pidithu jail la podunga ivanunga ellam black money converters

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