Suriyas 7aam Arivu 2 new stills

Suriyas 7aam Arivu Still 2

Suriyas 7aam Arivu Still 1

Here are two fresh new stills for Suriya’s upcoming mega flick 7aam Arivu starring the gorgeous looking Shruti Haasan in opposite lead. The first still has has producer Udhayanidhi Stalin paying his visit to the 7aam Arivu sets, trying to give some productive tips to ‘namma’ Suriya. Howsoever Suriya (who is least interested in receiving acting tips…from…) clad in his monk clothes, is in a meditative mood as he is busy watching a squirrel run away with his nut. Director A.R. Murugadoss pretty much agrees to the fact that the squirky pet can really make a fast dash. (And by the looks of it we guess that the lucky squirrel has bagged a special role in his next movie as a world class racer who breaks record after records…not the box office one maybe)

The other pic Suriya and Shruti doing their early morning Jumbo rides. It really gives you the feeling that both Suriya and Shruti are lost in the own little elephant world as they try to give Jumbo some morning exercise. Confusingly as their elephant love, the large animal is seen walking on freshly tarred (oh Jumbo! You pulled the asphalt up again) road with cars and other automobiles swiftly passing by.

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  1. vasin_2

    exactly…otha…appadiye romba thaan scene ey poduraangey..
    Otha avan moonchiyum, avan kuralum andhe padamum

  2. S M

    Udyanidhi use AR Murugadass and Surya Sivakumar (Saravanan Palanichamy Gounder) one of the tool to convert his black money. Nothing more than that.

    Bcoz south Indian film superstar have earned only 500 cr for his movie Robo, so how come little known Surya Sivakumar going to make it more than 300 cr… Joke of the millenium…

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