Suriya speaks on Bodhi Dharman and a 1500 year old ancient language Interview

Suriya speaks on Bodhi Dharman and a 1500 year old ancient language Interview

Suriya’s 7am Arivu special attraction will be ‘Nokku Varmam’. For all the lazy ones out there it is an ancient practice in martial arts. Well, if you are still wondering, then recollect ‘Indian’, the Kamal Haasan starrer in which he gave the bad boys a real tough time with his flawless technique zip! Zap! Kaboom!…But here’s the catch Nokku Varmam doesn’t require hands or legs. They say eyes alone are the deadliest weapons. We caught up with namma Suriya to know a bit more on the same. Here is what he had to say.

Surya what does Nokku Varmam mean?

In Tamil the word Nokku means ‘to see’ it is a peculiar martial art through which a particular part in the opponent’s body could be attacked by mere sight itself.

Wow, that sounds amazing. You know we are really scared talking to you at this moment especially your eyes.

Don’t worry I am still not an expert, but mind you that time is near, haha.

Hopefully not today, haha. So how has it been working alongside Shruti? The movie releases on October 26th right?

Shruti as you know is playing a pivotal role in the movie adn she is a real package, multifaceted.Whether it be acting or singing. We all want her to do well in Tamil cinema and  further cause she definitely is a bundle of talent.

We heard there is a time machine too in the movie?

 No comments.

Ok we know you love to be tight lipped about your project, come on tell us a bit on the story please Surya ?

It is about a Bodhidharma, a Pallava king of 6th Century. He went to China and spread our tradition amongst them.

Wow, is it true that it showcases Tamil culture to the world?

This movie will definitely show the Tamil tradition to the world and a 1500 year old language. It’s not only a Scientific-fiction based movie but also has a traditional twist to it. The story is based on the historic relationship between India and China and unfolds the hidden truths on Kung Fu, which according to a few historians originated in India.

That was something unheard of, our salutes to you on behalf of your fans. Do you think playing someone like Bodhi Dharman will be received well amongst the audience, how much would you like to rate yourself on a scale of 5?

I am first thankful to grab this offer. Many actors could have got this opportunity very easily, to me in this time slot it was the best thing I could do, I wanted to put in the best effort, hopefully I have done full justice to it within the given time slot and considering my physical strength I hope I have chosen the best from the infinite choices I have had. I never want to rate myself I cannot rate myself above 5, I would surely settle for something below 5 .Honestly speaking I am contented but as always there is room for improvement. There were so many opportunities but at the same time there were limitations. As I said whatever time I had to practice I put in my best effort.

That is a modest Suriya as ever for all you fans, thank you Surya for a great time, we will surely grab the first show for your movie.


As Surya is all set to kill with his looks we would like to warn you stand by A HURRICANE IS COMING!!!

We leave you with a video folks, just to give you an idea what we can expect.Imagine the havoc that will follow.



  1. htt

    Frankly if there is any movie that relates to the greatness of hinduism, I am all for it.  Hopefully the actor and director does justice to the character and subject.

  2. Raj

    Hi Guys,
    None of you didn’t get it, you know why. Its nothing to do with the Buddhism or any other religion. Bodhidharman who was he and his roots. Pl note. Chinese or Japanese never denied  about this persons’ past. He was a great Tamilan why can’t you accept that. When heard about him very first time I got goosebumps. And even that what movie is all about.

  3. Raj

    OK, who created all those religions, boundries,casts. People like you and me. Who was responsible for those two religions Royal family members and where were they from India. Did you know anybody in Hindusim, all we got messeangers. Am I right or wrong. In our Hindusim, real person like them, all we our imagination and go back and gid our real religion and don’t tell me any stories please.

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