Suriya horse major attraction at Erode horse fair

Suriya horse

Sale of horses of all kinds is going on a t a ‘horse fair’ organized in Puduppalayam near Anthiyur in Erode District. The fair, which would conclude on August 13th, has become a major attraction for those willing to purchases horse(s) suiting their personal requirements and needs. Horses from the neighbouring Districts of Tirupur, Salem, Trichy, Namakkal, etc. are put up for sale at the fair.

‘Kathyawar’ and ‘Marwari’ type horses, known as high-breed and high quality horses and normal horses which are used to pull carts and to carry loads are available at this fair. Horses from the neighbouring States are also taking part in this fair.

The ‘star’ of the fair, though, is a black-coloured high-quality horse which starred with actor Suriya in his upcoming film ‘7aam Arivu’ directed by A.R. Murugadoss. The film, in its final stages of shooting, pairs Kamal’s daughter Shruti Haasan opposite Suriya in what is likely to be her debut film in Tamil as a heroine.

The 6-year old horse has been priced at Rs.5.00 lakhs by its owner, Ilango from Erode. Word has spread that the horse had starred in an upcoming film with Suriya and the eager on-lookers who visit the market don’t fail to comer near the horse and have a glimpse of it. Other than horses, cattle and cats have also been put up for sale at this fair.



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    7am arivula use panna jatti jayachandranla sale panrango….koottam alaimodugirathu……oru jatti vilai 1 lathcham….

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