Suriya Vijay fan

Suriya fan of Ajith and Vijay


Well the day has finally arrived. After the first day first show of the movie it is said that Surya fans have a newfound respect for Vijay and Ajith.

The actor who was frank enough to mention about his appreciation for Dhanush’s role in 3 has found a new inspiration in reel life too.Playing a twin role in Maattrraan the characters Akhilan and Vimalan are described as fans of Vijay, and Ajith Kumar respectively. Well in a sequence we saw one of them rushing to watch Mankatha while the other is pushing forward in hope of booking seats for Nanban. The movie has certainly created some really funny moments and it is definitely a treat to watch Surya making decisions with two minds. If you haven’t watched the show, do go and book your tickets right away!



    1. radynatraj

      thupaki kandipa oothikum unna mari porambokellam VIJAY PARADHESI ku fan a irrukanna kandipa ungala oore kari thupum.its sure

  1. radynatraj

    SOORYA SIR,neenga “vijay”poramboku kellam fana irrundhu ungalaye asinga paduthadheenga.andha porambokkuku andha thagudhiye illa!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RAW

    watched the movie and kv anand has chosen genetical sciens has the core story. it’s need lot of research and thought to produce such movies and it’s not everybodys cup of tea. surya has done his part well and to show how the twins get separated and the heart transplant operation is a huge let down and waste of time. kajal may be good looking girl and througout the movie her russian tamil transilation becomes a annoyance. her dancing was out of steps and this could be seen well in all the songs she performed or may be the wrong coroigrapher. the bgm is excellent and not overpowering and songs are excellent and nanni konni camera work and the location was at it’s excellence.we must say most of the dance costume on current films on male stars look gayish. the reason is the top male designers are gay and it’s becoming cool and same with genetcal science. k v anand is not a fool and this movie will be talked about when years to come how genetically modified food will play a major role and how human race will struggle to exist. it’s already happening and chinese food is banned in many countries because they are gmd. one example, chinese know well the agricultural land around the globe is diminishing and they are heavily flexing the muscle around asia pacific region in acquiring land and india will struggle in the long run as they are not sophistcated as china, unstable politics where the state governments run the central.a very good subject, but the execution of the story has misfired.

  3. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sangam

    Surya fans ..keela vilundhaalum mesaiyila man ottala nnu solreenga – oh homos and gays have a very good brotherhood – suck surya’s old tiny dick !

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