Suriya educates children about basic discipline

Suriya advices basic discipline

Children and discipline don’t go hand-in-hand most often. Despite loads of advices hurled at children by their parents, relatives and their teachers, most of the children find it difficult to lead a disciplined lifestyle. Even students studying in so-called ‘cultured’ schools are found wanting in some basic etiquettes.

It’s for this reason that actor Suriya, who is hugely popular among children as well as adults, has come forward to do his bit to educate children on the basics of a disciplined lifestyle. The actor, whose latest film 7am Arivu is still going strong, has starred in a small video footage which has been made into a DVD educating children about how to conduct themselves in their homes as well as outside their homes.

The DVDs, which have Suriya appearing and speaking in a friendly tone addressing the children, have been given to many schools around the State in an apparent effort to raise an awareness among the children about maintaining discipline. Suriya tells the children not to pick their ears using sharp pencils, not to fiddle with the blade inside their pencil-sharpeners and things like that.

No doubt that with his huge popularity Suriya enjoys among children thanks to his many films and commercial advertisements on the telly, he would be able to drive home the message among them in the most effective manner!

Let’s appreciate Suriya for his whole-hearted effort!


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