Suraaj on Dhanush’s Mappillai

Rajini-DhanushSuraaj, the director of Dhanush’s Mappillai gave an interview into the media recently on his Mappillai movie.

Suraaj said, “I am very excited to remake the movie of Rajini’s Mappillai  with Dhanush (real-life mappillai of Rajini). I know my responsibilities of remaking the film which was a runaway success and at the same time I would like to clarify that except the plots both the movies are different in scripts.We have made many changes in the script”

Suraaj on Viveks role in the movie says “Vivek is doing the comic role which was not presented in the original version and I am sure scenes involving Vivek-Dhanush will be very interesting. Vivek is doing the role of a school student who is studying plus two for many years”

Late actress Sri Vidhya played the character of the Villainy mother-in-law in the original version and in the latest version Manisha Koirala is playing the role of Dhanush’s mother-in-law.

After  Padikadhavan’s hit, Suraaj joins hands with Dhanush in Mappillai.



  1. skcool

    Hey dude… havent u seen the latest movies… every one is usin the old movie names… and ivan appovum rajni paire films use pannale… stop ur nonsense… if a actor gives his best just support him…

  2. Anonymous

    Atleast Dhanush is not acting in remake/dubbing movies like Mr. VIJAY. He is ready to take risk unlike the coward VIJAY.

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