Sura to have a temple festival kuthu song as sentiment


The expectations on ‘Sura’ has been growing day by day. The release is getting nearer ‘Sura’ is raising the fever. All who have been associated with ‘Sura’ so far confidently say Ilaya Thalapathi will rise again to rock.

The film is also raved for the excellent camera work by N K Ekambaram and M S Prabhu. They have captured the beauty of Tamil Nadu coastline in this action film brilliantly. Recently while shooting for ‘Sura’ at the Thoothukudi Port an amusing thing happened. As the team was in a hurry to complete the film it did not get sufficient time to take the required permissions to shoot in the high security areas of the port. The port authorities were furious and objected to shoot. But once Ilaya Thalpathi landed on the scene they were all floored. Thrilled seeing Vijay the officers were more than happy to let the team do its job and they also took photos with Vijay for memory. Such is the charisma of Vijay. ‘Sura’ was shot in places where ‘Vettaikkaran’ was shot before. So this sentiment will also see the film through.

While talking about the sentiment there is one more thing to be told. Vijay’s super hit film ‘Thirupachi’ had a temple festival kuthu song in which Vijay and Chaya Singh pulled the roof down. ‘Sura’ team wanted to have a similar type of song and made it happen in a set created at a cost of 40 lakhs in Anumondhai near Puducherry. Three Mumbai models featured along with Vijay in this super ‘kuthu’.



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