Superstars personal appreciation letter to Mynaa team

Superstar Rajinikanth who is having the habit of encouraging fresh talents and creations as when it comes to limelight, has expressed his heartfelt appreciations to the director Prabhu Solomon after watching the special screening of ‘Mynaa’.

Mynaa is about the travails of a driver subjected to various hardships in the hilly terrains where he operates. Viddharth and Amala Paul play the lead roles; D Imman is the music composer and Vairabalan the art director.

Reportedly Rajinikanth gave a hug to Prabhu Solomon and had expressed that he’d wished to be a part of the movie. Moreover the star has also penned a personal signed letter written in Tamil to the director of Mynaa, Prabhu Solomon as a token of his appreciation. Superstar also sent a bouquet to the lead pair as a token of his appreciation.

The super star had stated in the appreciation letter that he wish he had been in some scenes of ‘Mynaa’. He praised Thambi Ramaiyya’s role in the movie and was fully in appreciation for the actor.

Every man has a beast in his heart. Owing to society and our traditional values, we don’t let others to see it from close. But it so happens that the beast unleashes itself in certain circumstances which is beyond the control of human mind. Since I have lived and grown among those kind of people in the society during my early days, I can easily relate myself with the movie. “I could see those characters I have confronted in my life in Mynaa”, he has mentioned.

Praising the efforts of actors, he said that each actor and actress in the movie has done a brilliant job which is the evident in this movie. The highlight of the letter is when he mentions “Mynaa is a Dravidian movie. This movie is for every citizen of Tamil Nadu”. These kind of movies are a rarity in Tamil cinema. It is like “Kurunji Malar”, he feels.

About the crew, he states that Prabhu Solomon has done a very commendable job in directing this movie. Sukumar’s camera ensures that the movie is real and not otherwise. The cinematography is a visual treat. D Imman’s music complements the movie’s intentions very well. He praised the efforts of all crew members, including Thambi Ramaiyya, and said that they have given a visual feast to the audience. Rajini also appreciated the efforts of Shalom studios, AGS and Udhayanidhi Stalin to make this movie a success.

Rajini’s only regret, after watching Mynaa, is that he could not act in the movie. “I would have been happy if I had acted in a few scenes in Mynaa”, he concludes.

KollyTalk brings you the exclusive images of Superstar Rajinikanth’s personal appreciation letter to Mynaa team.

Superstar Rajinikanth's personal appreciation letter to Mynaa team.
Superstar Rajinikanth's personal appreciation letter to Mynaa team
Superstar Rajinikanth's personal appreciation letter to Mynaa team
Superstar Rajinikanth's personal appreciation letter to Mynaa team


  1. Randy

    Don’t talk about Rajini’s hand writing. Though he is a non-tamil he learnt Tamil and writing better than many Tamils. 

  2. S.Ramanathan

    Rajini sir please step out of your Super star image, and  give charecter roles. Your charecter in mullum mallarum and enge yo keta kural  is the best.

  3. rajasimbu

    Very Nice Wishes By super star ……………….And It was very nice Movie……………Frnds Pls Watch this movie On theatre ………………….;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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