Superstar concerned on Soundaryas Sultan Release

Rajini helps for Soundarya
Superstar Rajinikanth’s first animation film, directed and produced by daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth has been under production for a long time and the release date of the movie is a million dollar question in Kollywood arena.

As per the information from Kollywood circles, ‘Sultan’ the much anticipated animated venture of Soundarya with Rajinikanth is getting into all kinds of financial and technical troubles. Being in the making for last three years, Soundarya’s misplanning has done more than the needful damage for the movie.

Superstar Rajinikanth is now feeling concerned about the future of his younger daughter Soundarya and he  seems to have found a new startegy of offering extra bit of publicity for ‘Sultan’ using ‘Endhiran’ which is getting into a fine shape in the hands of hit-maker Shankar. Plans are on to release ‘Sultan’ immediately after the success of ‘Endhiran’ as the hit range of ‘Endhiran’ alone can serve as boost for raising the opening collections exponentially for ‘Sultan.’


Soundarya, a thorough professional at work doesn’t want her movie to live at the sake of ‘Endhiran’, but Rajini has no other way than to trouble the daughter with his decision.



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