Sundar C Guru Sishyan and ‘Vaada’ releasing on April 14 and 16 respectively

Sundar C had 4 releases last year (Thee,Aiythampadai,and Perumal). And the actor ontinues the success show in 2010 too see, two of his films are releasing in the same week this month, in view of the tamil new year.(Chithirai Thirunaal)
His movies ‘Guru Sishyan’ and ‘Vaada’ are releasing on April 14 and 16 respectively.

Guru Sishyan Telugu and Hindi remake rights have already been sold

 Besides, he is currently acting and Directing in ‘Nagaram Marupakkam’ ( ‘Thalainagaram’-Part 2) and ‘Murattu Kaalai’, which are expected to hit screens soon.

Also a couple of movies are up his sleeve, sources say. “With Sundar himself being a top filmmaker, he knows the difficulties of directors and producers well. So he is extending maximum cooperation on the sets and this is the reason behind his getting more offers when compared to other actors,” they add.

A successful director with many hits to his credit, Sundar took a new avatar by making his debut as an actor with ‘Thalainagaram’. This was followed by films like ‘Veerappu’, ‘Aindham Padai’, ‘Ayudham Sei’, ‘Thee’ and ‘Perumal’ among others.


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