Sundar C denies Vadivelu is part of his project

Sundar C Vadivelu

At a time when comedian Vadivelu’s fans and movie-goers were preparing to watch him make a grand comeback on big-screen through Sundar C’s next film, the director-turned-actor has doused the expectations saying that Vadivelu won’t be part of his upcoming film. Readers might recall that Vadivelu had put in awesome performance in Sundar’s directorial ventures Winner and Giri and along with Sundar in films like Thalainagaram and Nagaram.

Vadivelu has been lying on the sidelines ever since the new regime took over the State’s administration in May this year. Prior to that, Vadivelu indulged in a full-throttle (which included unwarranted verbal attack by him on the opponents) election campaign for the DMK which bite the sand at the elections. In the changed political scenario, not many producers were willing to sign up Vadivelu as they didn’t want to incur the wrath of the new set-up in the State.

It was in this backdrop audiences were awaiting the famed duo of Sundar and Vadivelu back on screen in Sundar’s as-yet-untitled film. Though it is said that there is an ‘unwritten rule’ in existence in Kollywood that Vadivelu shouldn’t be signed up in new projects, the ace comedian maintains that he is on a ‘self-imposed’ hiatus from films. This had give rise to speculation in some quarters as to whether Vadivelu would ever be back in films.

Reacting to press reports that he was about to cast Vadivelu in his next film, Sundar says that they were ‘baseless’ reports. “So far, I haven’t finalized anything about my new project. I’d let the press know as and when things take a final shape,” Sundar says.


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