Sunaina on Vamsam:the best team I’ve worked so far

Sunaina on Vamsam

Sunaina is back but this time, with a superlative performance in Vamsam directed by Pasanga director Pandiraj and will feature the Chief Minister’s grandson Arulnidhi in the lead role along with Sunaina and you know why those in the industry circles are going ga ga about it.

Says Sunaina, “Normally, actors tend to say that the role they’ve played in a movie is different. However, I’m not going to say anything of that sort for Vamsam. I want people to see this film and tell me about the work that I’ve done in it. People are going to remember Malar (the character she plays in the film), not me.”

It’s not without reason that she seems to be brimming with confidence. The movie’s racy trailer has already got people talking about it.

I like all the teams with which I’ve worked so far. But then, this is easily the best team,” she declares and goes on to say, “Director Pandiraj is a complete genius. He had a complete grip on the whole unit and if you watch the scenes of the film, you’d realise the amount of intense work that the film required. He’s the next big thing in the industry and take my word, he’s going to be very busy after Vamsam.

I didn’t expect Arul, who hails from one of Tamil Nadu’s most respected families, to be so humble. He would be seen mingling freely with people, unmindful of the fact that he is the CM’s grandson. One reason that made me think he was sweet was despite suffering injuries of every kind during the making of this film, he hardly complained. He would take some rest and then be back again, as if nothing had happened. The cameraman of the film is really one hard-working person. It’s for this reason that I rate this team to be the best,” she explains.

If that’s the case, then why did she break down at a press conference that was held by the team recently? “Oh that! Those were actually tears of joy. They were also tears of gratitude. We had to work under some really demanding weather conditions for this film.But despite those conditions, the team did everything possible to make us feel comfortable. The support that the team had to provide me to help me deliver a fine performance under such demanding conditions was what brought tears to my eyes.”

To be able to deliver a fine performance, one must love something about the role one plays. What did she like about her role in the film? Says Sunaina, “There’s always something happening because of the girl in the film.”

Finally, what else is in store for her fans? “I have two other movies — Kathirvel with Ajmal and Thiruthani with Bharath,” she signs off.



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