Sun TV banned Kalavaani Movie

Sun TV troubles Kalavaani Movie

Sun TV has reportedly instructed its authorities that none of the sequence or songs from the film ‘Kalavaani’ should be shown on its channel. 

The recently released ‘Kalavaani’, which stars ‘Pasanga’ fame Vimal – Oviya in the lead, appears to have come in for wholesome praise from distributors, theatre-owners, critics and the public alike. The film, which is liked by all for its clean presentation, has been produced by Naseer, who is the manager/PRO of actress Trisha.

Naseer reportedly sold the satellite broadcasting rights of the film to Vijay TV, which appears to have triggered more problems than he might have anticipated.

Though Naseer is quite happy that the film has received good reviews and is doing reasonably well at the box-office, he is said to be facing serious problems which have prevented him from going in for a publicity glitz to promote the film further.

The satellite broadcasting rights of new films are usually competed among themselves mainly by Sun TV and Kalaignar TV. Even if both these channels miss out on getting the broadcasting rights of a particular film, they won’t shy away from relaying on their channel the advertisement, songs and clippings from the film in order to promote it, albeit after getting paid for the same.

In the case of ‘Kalavaani’, though, Sun TV has reportedly instructed its authorities that none of the sequence or songs from the film should be shown on its channel. The reason given by them is the ‘unreliable’ attitude of Naseer, who showed his film ‘exclusively’ and separately to the two ‘heirs’ of the State’s ‘big’ family who have been in to distribution and production even as Sun TV was negotiating with him about the cost of the rights.

Now, Naseer is said to be scratching his head as to how to pacify the leading channel in Tamil Nadu.



  1. Anonymous

    hey SUN TV team, why do you think that only you should win and earn money..Why are you so jealous on Vijay TV.. you are a pakka fraud..
    You people did not allow Vijay TV to conduct good programs which they had in their list since many years. After a long struggle, they are able to do it now and you are copying each and every program from them. Dont you ashamed of that????

  2. Anonymous

    Why don't they like others growing in media…? Hw many more channels they wish to start? yet almost all programs broadcasted are useless…

    Asatha povadhu yaru been copied as Kalaka povadhu yaru…
    Jodi No.1 been copied as Maanadi mayilaada
    Nadandhadhu enna as Nijam
    Neeya naana as Karuthu yutham and one more ladies spcl show…

    Don't you ppl ever felt ashamed of copying other's own creativity….? Sondhama yosika kuda theryadhavanglukulaam channel…. idhuku makkal tv 10000 times parvaala…

  3. bdumca06to09

    sun tv ன் கர்வம் ஒரு நாள் அழியும் அந்த நாளை எதிர் பார்த்திருப்போம்

  4. ars

    suntv and kalaignar tv are total flop channels. tamilnadu antha naigalukku sontham nu nenachukitttu irukkanunga molakara payaluga

  5. Karthik

    Kallavani is super movie it is very nice . Don't miss to watch every one. Why sun tv & Kalingar tv banned ? what is the reason any one know ?

  6. Tamilan

    இந்த மோலக்கார தேவடியா  பயலுக தான் தமிழ் நாட்டை உருப்படாம செய்தது. இவனுக மட்டும் கொள்ளை அடிக்கனும். அடுத்தவன் முன்னேரினால் இவனுகலுக்கு பிடிக்காது. நாம் அனைவரும் ஒன்ராய்  சேர்ந்தால் தான் இவனுக்கலூக் அழிவு வரும்.

  7. guna

    They cant stop the good movies box office and same time they can't make any worst film into box office by their Advertisement.

    Sun Tv please stop playing  games..

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